Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Tales from Sales: Outrageous, Hilarious and True Stories from Home Sales by Myka Allen-Johnson

Tales from Sales: Outrageous, Hilarious and True Stories from Home Sales

Book Description

January 21, 2013
Ten years ago, I quit the drama of teaching to become a Realtor®. In the last ten years, I’ve seen chickens and goats raised inside of a home, I’ve rolled down a hill with a broken ankle, sold homes to a really bad mime and a Russian mail order bride, talked with psychic appraisers with transmitters in their ankles, had a sales partner abducted by aliens, nearly died twice, peed my pants several times, witnessed my partner crap her pants and had the ghost of Elvis Presley unzip my sleeping bag at a slumber party. Yes…I bought one of Elvis Presley’s homes! This is just a taste of the most outrageous and hilarious stories inside this book. The true stories of home sales are by far stranger than fiction! No one can make this up.

A funny, sometimes outrageous, account of what happens in the world of real estate!  I was laughing so hard at times and was in complete disbelief at other times.  I loved how real and natural this book was.  If you love to laugh, stick this book in your purse and read a story here and will be fun!!!  I rate it 4 stars!

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