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Review: Starabella series by Sharon, Tara and Dana Fialco

About the books:

“Starabella: Mystery Girl of Music”
(Starabella at Home)
Mr. and Mrs. Oclaif find their baby girl is full of mystery and surprise. When she’s happy, her eyes shine like stars! Does Starabella have a special connection to the stars? IT’S A MYSTERY.
Starabella is truly the star of her family. However, when her words start to get lost somewhere inside her, and it is hard for her to find them, the Oclaifs are puzzled. What has happened to Starabella’s words? IT’S A MYSTERY.
Starabella receives a piano, a gift of love from her grandparents. Starabella has musical talent! She expresses her thoughts and feelings through beautiful music. Where does Starabella’s music come from? IT’S A MYSTERY.

Starabella: New Adventures and Mixed Emotions
(Starabella in the Community)
Starabella ventures into the community with her parents. She encounters demands for conformity and following the rules.
Starabella has a terrific time at her first circus, but when she experiences sensory overload due to the loud music and bright lights, her feelings get all jumbled up inside her. To make sense of her emotions, she turns to her beloved piano. Out of her music comes an emotion, brighter than all the rest. It is HOPE.
Just look at Starabella in acrobatics class! Inspired by the determination and abilities she observed in the circus performers, “Starry” strives to turn one of her own DREAMS into REALITY. Will she do it?
As confused as the Oclaif family could sometimes be, Mr. and Mrs. Oclaif come to understand that NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FOR STARABELLA TO BELIEVE IN HERSELF.

“Starabella: Welcome to a Bright New World”
(Starabella at School)
“Starabella: Welcome to a Bright New World”
Join Starabella as she eagerly begins her first day of kindergarten. Meet her classmates—a lively diverse group of children. They come together to form an inclusive classroom “family.”
Although happy in their wondrous new classroom, sometimes the children are faced with social dilemmas such as discrimination and a classroom bully.
With the help of a “Magical Mirror” included in the book, readers/listeners are asked to help the children in Starabella’s class make social choices based on EMPATHY.
Share in the wonder as Starabella, through her special connection to the stars and the goodness inside her, magically transforms into a Kindergarten Rock Star. Encircled with stars, singing “Follow Me” she leads her classmates and listeners to a BRIGHT NEW WORLD where children play and get along and are accepted for exactly who they are.

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I absolutely loved these books! Not only are the stories wonderful and meaningful; full of valuable lessons and adventures, the illustrations are also beautiful.   When you accompany a meaningful, beautifully illustrated story with an a CD that is narrated with music is makes the reading adventures come alive.  Any child, with or without learning difficulties, has difficulties moments from time to time and the Starabella series focuses on the magic that makes all of us different!  I love that the authors were able to include the importance of empathy, inclusion, social conflict resolution, anti-bullying making friends into stories that created great dialogue with my children.  I appalled the authors for creating stories that enhanced my parenting and my children's sense of self and respect for others!  I rate this series 100 stars!!!!

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