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Review: What You See by Ann Mullen

Book #1 in the series, young Helen Carrolton leaves home alone to visit a friend in the majestic mountains of Charlottesville, Virginia. She never makes it there.

What You SeeThat's where it all begins for Jesse Watson. At thirty-one, suffering from suburban burnout, an unfulfilling job and a nonexistent love-life, she heads for those same peaceful, quiet mountains to find a new life. Her intentions are to settle down and simplify.

All that changes the day she goes to work for private investigator, Billy Blackhawk, a Cherokee Indian who's hired to find Helen Carrolton. Jesse's dreams of a quiet country life surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery is quickly shattered as she becomes embroiled in danger, murder and mayhem facing the wrath of a disturbed family.

Soon it becomes a race for time, a race for her life and an astonishing destiny Jesse could never have anticipated, even in her wildest dreams!

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I enjoyed this fun mystery.  I liked the characters and felt they were easy to relate to.  It was fun being on the adventures with Jesse and her crazy cast of characters.  I love that Mullen wrote all the parts of the characters; the good, the bad and the ugly...making them well rounded and real.   I am a fan of Janet Evanovich and felt like this was right in line with her writing.   I enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading the others in the series and I give it a 3.5 stars review! 

About the Author
The best thing about writing is that you can let your imagination run wild, and I do.—Ann Mullen, Author

People often ask me, is your character, Jesse Watson based on your personality? I reply that, yes, in some ways, but not in all. Aren't many writers similar to their protagonist? I'd like to think that I'm as level-headed and open-minded as she is. I think it's safe to say, I'm the lively, out-spoken spirit of Jesse.
Ann MullenI was born in Wilson, North Carolina, and was only four years old when my parents packed up the family and moved to Newport News, Virginia. My father passed away many years ago, but my mother is alive and well. The mother in my books, Minnie, is based on mine—and has the same name. She's a wonderful person who takes her religion seriously. I have one sister (very much like Claire in my book) and two brothers.

In 1968, I married for the first time and had a beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last. Not to give up on the idea of finding true happiness, I took the plunge once again in 1977. This time I married my soul mate. He's my rock, my companion, my dearest whatever. My husband, Tom, is smart, opinionated and stubborn. Sometimes I just want to jerk a knot in his head, but, after thirty-four wonderful years, I don’t know what I'd do without him. We have a terrific, thirtysomething son, Tommy, who's as smart and handsome as his dad. Our daughter, Wendy, has one son, our first grandchild, Jake. 

I received a degree in Machine Technology from Thomas Nelson Community College so long ago that I can't remember the date without looking it up. I worked at the Engineering Center/Phillip Morris, USA, for seventeen years in my field while living a typical suburban lifestyle.

In 1999, we made the big move. My husband and I sold our house and left the suburbs behind. We settled in a quiet, sleepy little town in the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounded by neighborly people and breathtaking scenery. After a couple of years of mountain bliss, I gathered up my courage and starting writing my first novel. Energetic, sensitive Jesse, her family, friends, neighbors, and lovers sprang to life. To get my novel out there, I started my own publishing company that same year—Afton Ridge Publishing—and to date, I have seven books with book #1 in its third printing, book #2 and #3 in its second.

In 2006, I was chosen as Favorite Virginia Author in a reader poll sponsored by Cooperative Living Magazine. This has been the highlight of my career as a writer—so far. Also uplifting, five of my books, A CRYING SHAME, MIDDLE RIVER MURDERS, GREENE COUNTY KILLER, DEATH ON THE BELLA CONSTANCE, and ALL ABOUT THE MONEY have been nominated for a Library of Virginia Literary Award.

All the books in my mystery series are set in beautiful Greene County, Virginia. To find out what's happening here in real life, visit For updates, additional information, or to post a comment, visit my, or friend me on Facebook, tweet me on Twitter.

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