Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Heart of Steel by Jennifer Probst

 Heart of Steel
Chandler Santell avoids men--especially the rich and powerful ones who believe more in money than in people. Desperate to save her struggling Yoga and Arts Center, her last hope is the most powerful man in the finance industry, a man reputed to have a "Heart of Steel."

Logan Grant knew he was in trouble the moment Chandler Santell walked into his office. He agrees to her crazy deal only when she risks all and guarantees him a profit. Behind the scenes, a dangerous game of love, power, and greed begin to play out--a game Chandler knows nothing about. The payoff is worth millions to the man who can win Chandler's heart. But is love worth the price?

I am a huge fan of Jennifer Probst, she rocks as an author.  In Heart of Steel you have Logan the business mogul and Chandler the who left the business world to strike out on her own.  The two join in a business partnership that soon becomes romantic.  The story was well written to bring the characters to life and make you feel a part of their lives. It makes you think about what really matters in your life - and its not about money and power.  I loved this book and would recommend this to everyone.  I give it 4 stars and a heat rating of 2 1/2.  

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