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Showcase: The Lady is a Champ by Carol Polis

Carol has written a terrific new book, “The Lady is a Champ” She’s also mother of four and a grandmother.  The Lady Is a Champ is not only a sports story, but her life’s journey that will inspire women and a woman’s story that will floor boxing fans.

Carol Polis was a pioneer for women and in the sport of boxing. While the 1970s were a time of great upheaval for women—with Roe v. Wade, the Equal Rights Amendment, Gloria Steinem, Billie Jean King—Carol Polis was a professional boxing judge—the first woman ever to do so—during the golden age of boxing sitting ringside for Ali, Frazier and Foreman.

Q.  What inspires your writing?

I was inspired to write from feelings and observations.  Learned the love of words from my english teacher, Dr. Glatthorn.  Always kept diaries as a girl and scrapbooks, which I did for all my title fights as well.This all helped me to write my book, "The lady is a champ".

Women empowerment has effected my readers in a positive way.  I broke into a male dominated field back in 1973(Boxing), which was much harder to do back then . Plus I was raised to always be a lady, which has certainly helped.

Q.  What is your favorite thing about being an author?

My favorite thing about being an author is the respect from others and now also considered a semi-authority after almost 40 years.

Q.  What is the toughest part of being an author?

The toughest part of being an author is all the work and preparation that goes into it.  I had trunks of materials and diaries which I had to wade through and work on with my co-author.  It is like unzippering your skin.

Q.  If you could not be author, what would you do/be?

If not to be an author, at 19 I had 3 goals
c-french interpreter for the UN
All came true in a small way--still love to dance, had 6 dogs at one time,and have studied several languages which helped traveling around the world.

Q.  What would the story of your life be entitled?

The story of my life would be called,"With courage, anything is possible".  This is my theme when I do speaking engagements.  I divide my speech into 5 rounds, and my theme is carried out through each of the 5 rounds.

Q.  What is your favorite book of all time?

I have 3 all time favorite books as a child.
b-greek and roman mythology
c-april's kittens
Recently read abook about the golfer Tom Watson"s caddy.  Forget the name of the book, but it made a huge impression on me.

Q.  Which character from ANY book are you most like?

Can't recall a character in a book that I am most like, unless it was the oldest sister,Jo, in "Little Women".

Q.  What is your favorite season?

 My favorite season is Spring.  Maybe as I was born in May---and/or I love breaking out of a dismal winter with only spring and summer and happy days to look foward to.  Love going to Maine for 2 weeks in the summer.  Very peaceful and enjoy looking for moose

Q.  What inspired your book cover(s)?  Or what is your favorite book cover and why?

One  of my favorite coffee table book covers that I have is illustrated by Leroy Neiman--He has huge blasts of color which turn into forms.  The other coffee table book cover that I love is the cover of the "Kentucky Derby".I love horses, p;lus my favorite few minutes of the hyear is on the 2nd saturday of May--"The Kentucky Derby".

Q.  Tell me something funny that happened while on a book tour or while promoting your book.

Am always promoting my book wherever I go, and have met many interesting people.  No one in particular stands out hyet.  Haven't been on a book tour, but am sure I would enjoy it.  I would have to bring my 9 yr old scottish terrier, Halle berry, along with me.

Q.  Are you working on something new?

I am working on something new, but it is a secret at the moment.

Q.  Anything you want to say to followers of this blog or those that are just stopping by?

All I want to say to followers and people just stopping by is the following:
It took 51/2 years to write my book with a co-author.  It is a lot of work but well worth the effort.  If you want to purchase "The Lady is a Champ", here are the following places for purchase.
e-barnes & Noble

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