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Giveaway/Blog Tour: Televenge by Pamela King Cable

Televenge is a detailed, expertly plotted mystery/suspense/romance novel; the gripping tale of a young woman, Andie Oliver, trying to keep faith in her handsome husband, Joe, and their marriage. As Joe spends more time with a local Televangelist, the Godfather in a Mafia of holy men, her faith is shaken and her suspicion of the Reverend Calvin Autry deepens. As this brilliantly paced novel unfolds, Andie is tested in every way a woman can be, until she decides to fight back! Evading ruthless adversaries who will go to any lengths to protect Reverend Artury, Andie confronts the very definition of sin, shaking the Christian evangelical world to its core.

What are people saying about the book:
“A captivating, beautifully rendered, and unforgettable look at a world so few of us understand. Ms. Cable has courageously opened the door...and my eyes.”
Lesley Kagen, NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling author of Good Graces

“Pamela King Cable has written a masterpiece with Televenge! Intricately woven, extremely well plotted, and saturated with details that bring it to life, the story touched me on an emotional level unparalleled in my 35-year career as a journalist! Worthy of the big screen,Televenge is simply the best novel I've ever read!”
Penny Shreve, award-winning journalistWayne County Press, Illinois

“This novel, of Dickensian length and melodrama, is the story of one woman’s years-long struggles and confrontations with a sleazy, disturbed Pentecostal televangelist and megachurch pastor. The author grew up in a Southern Pentecostal milieu that is reflected in her writing style. I would not dream of giving away the complicated plot. Let me say only that although the novel is long, it is a real page-turner. The author is a somewhat conservative Christian, and that lends her work a certain air of verisimilitude.” Edd Doerr, Author/Speaker Unitarian Universalist

“Brilliant!  Compelling!!!  Gripping!!!  Sorry I finished it!!  I want more!  I read an advance copy of the book for review and was totally gripped by the vivid depiction of the characters, scenes and circumstances.  Good job! Keep writing!” 
Roland Osborne/Publisher, Prison Victory, Christian Motorsports, Chrysler Power Magazines

“Pamela King Cable's first novel, Televenge, tugs at your heartstrings as you experience Andie's life journey. Ms. Cable masterfully weaves a tale about the dark side of an evangelist's soul and the unending love of a young woman. You will not want to stop reading! It has you hooked from the beginning to very last page.”
Tammie Merrill, blogger/author, Carolina Heartstrings.

About the Author:  Pamela King Cable was born a coal miner’s granddaughter and raised by a tribe of wild Pentecostals and storytellers. She is an award-winning, multi-published author who loves to write about religion and spirituality with paranormal twists she unearths from her family’s history. Married to a megachurch ministry team member as a young adult, she attended years of megachurch services. Pamela studied creative writing at The University of Akron and Kent State University. She has taught at many writing conferences, and speaks to book clubs, women’s groups, national and local civic organizations, and at churches across the country. Nearly a decade in the writing, Televenge is her debut novel. She lives in Ohio with her husband, Michael, and is currently working on her next novel.

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Book covers speak to every reader. For me, the avenging angel wielding a sword at her side seemed a natural choice for Televenge. Originally, I had another idea in mind, but I decided I had seen too many books showing the back of woman’s head, the middle of her torso, or some part of her body as she walks off into the sunset. I know many women who will pick up a book and buy it if the cover is good. Like my best friend, Tina. She’ll buy the book for the cover alone. If she doesn’t like the book, she’ll frame the cover.

But I needed a cover that encompassed the story. The avenging angel did exactly that. When my husband showed it to me, I had to sit down. To me, the angel represents the grace of God for mankind, fighting the evil we cannot see. “ … For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians the sixth chapter.

Fortunately, my publisher loved it. She bought the rights to the picture and the rest is history.

It was Literary Agent, Katharine Sands who came up with the title. I drove her around North Carolina many years ago from one writing conference to the next, giving her my “perfect pitch.” When I told her the title, she said, “That’s not a good title, it doesn’t fit the story. Let me think about it.” I said that was fine. Not everyday you get a Literary Agent to pick out your book title. Well. It wasn’t five minutes later and she said, “I think you should call it Televenge!” It hit me like a brick in the chest. It was perfect.

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