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Big News & Review: The Selkie Spell by Sophie Moss

Mrs Mommy Booknerd has welcomed a new reviewer in order to keep up with the review requests coming in. 

Meet Mandy AKA "Mrs Jonsey Book Queen" 

I am a mother of three wonderful children who give me a run for my money on daily basis, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I am hitting the big 40 this year and can't wait to see what is store for me in the next decade.  I love to read.  I am the person who will stay up to read a book until the wee hours of the morning.  Reading books gives me a way to unwind and loose myself for a little while.  

I like to read lots of different types of books: mystery, thrillers, paranormal, fantasy, and romance. I really like the romance genre (even the stuff that is really "in depth and revealing").   I belong to a wonderful book club (She is a proud member of the TIARAS) and we meet once a month.  The only thing is they won't let me pick out the books because of my fetish for "really good" romance novels.  Oh well :)  Here is my first review.  I hope you enjoy it and the others forth coming!


The Selkie Spell (Seal Island Trilogy)Get swept away in the legends of Ireland and romance.  I really loved this book and the story that was weaved within the legend of the Selkies.  Tara Moore is on the run from a terrible life back in the United States and ends up on Seal Island in Ireland.  The story told says that Tara is a descendant of the Selkie that was captured on the island many years ago and is there to fulfill the legend and set the Selkie free.  Tara and Dominic O'Sullivan fall in love, conquer the terrible life that followed Tara from the states and set the Selkie free.  

Sophie Moss does a wonderful job of making you believe in legends, the magic of Ireland, of good over coming evil, and most of all believing in love.  The book held me captivated and rooting for Tara to stand up for herself and fight back.  I couldn't put it down.  I can't wait to see what else Sophie Moss has in store for us to read.  I would highly recommend this book, even those of you who are not romance fans - this is an excellent book.

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