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Blog Tours: CHILDREN OF THE GODS by Monica Millard: Book Excerpt and Guest Post


The Luna was sitting on one of the beds when we returned.

There were rumors that each Haloran’s consciousness was contained inside a worm. That was how they were able to transfer from one host body to the next. My stomach wriggled as I tried to imagine her allowing someone to put a worm inside her.

“I was beginning to believe a search party would be necessary,” she said, without glancing up.

“That would never be required while I am alive, my lady,” Griff responded with a bow.  “I am glad I will not have to execute my favorite guard.”

Her tone sounded light, but the look on her face suggested it had been a danger. I worried I had cast a shadow on him.

“You are as kind as you are beautiful, my lady.”

She rolled her eyes and made a sound of disgust.

In spite of my fear, I felt my skin prickle with anger. The idea of having a worm inside me was less repulsive than the thought of her taking over my body, making it her own. How many people would she mistreat while wearing my face? I could accept the worm if it did not bring her with it.

Griff bowed again and took a step forward placing a hand on my bare back to lead me to my table.

The cushions were removed now, leaving a cold metal table with a rectangular hole in the top half. I could see men below dressed all in white. One looked up and caught my eye. A shiver ran up my spine. In his hands were two hooks sharpened to deadly points.

I closed my eyes and tried to breathe slowly, but it only allowed my mind to dream up scenarios for the use of such instruments. My knees gave way and again I was caught by Griff. He lifted me and gently placed me on the metal table with my back over the hole.

The cutout in the dress was not merely for decorative purposes. It was designed for beauty and function through centuries of our horror.

The Sari’s gait was nearly a dance as he made his way toward me.
“Sir, allow me to secure her,” Griff said.

“I can handle her.” He smiled a wicked smile.

Good. I wanted him to bleed and I would get the chance to make it happen.
“Sir, at least her arms?”

The Sari breathed a heavy sigh. “Fine, her hands.”

Guest Post

Who's writing your story?

There is a lot of advice out there on writing a novel.  It ranges anywhere from choosing a topic to how you should plot that amazing idea and everything in between.  None of it is going to fit everyone.  You have to find what works for you and make it yours. 

With that said, I want to share some of my own experience.

When I started getting serious about writing and completing my first novel, I started thinking about the people who might read my novel and I panicked a bit.  What would the people from my church think about the romantic nature of the relationship between the two main characters who were under sixteen? Would my older sister be upset by my portrayal of the older sister in the book?  What would my parents and my friends think?  Then there were agents and editors that I hadn't even factored in yet.

I started letting it affect my writing.  Little by little I let their opinions, or at least my perception of what their opinions were, trickle into my story.  Pretty soon, it wasn't just me that was writing my story.

When all was said and done and I was doing the dreaded editing, I found that my church, sister, friends, family and anyone else I was trying please weren't very good writers.  Every part that I let the people in my head have a say in, other than my characters, was terrible.  I had to go through and edit it all out because in those parts I wasn't being true to the story and worse, I wasn't being true to myself.

I'm by no means an expert, but I've learned that even if you find those who are, their expertise may not apply to you.  Be aware of who you let influence you and remember in the end no one is more qualified to tell your story than you.  (That last bit works for both writing and life.)

To view Monica's Q&A and GIVEAWAY click HERE


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