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Blog Tours: DEATH ON HEELS by Ellen Byerrum: REVIEW

Death on Heels: A Crime of Fashion Mystery

Death on Heels: A Crime of Fashion Mystery by Ellen Byerrum

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My Review:
I am just now stepping into the Crimes of Fashion series with DEATH ON HEELS (which is book 8) and I absolutely loved this book. Lacey is back in her old town; Sagebrush, Colorado to solve a crime.  This may not appear to be a very big deal since Lacey has solved many crimes using her fashion knowhow, but to Lacey it is everything.   Lacey must face the past to save her ex- boyfriend, Cole, from going to jail for murders Lacey knows he did not commit.

Lacey decides as a news reporter and as Cole's ex, she needs to get to the bottom of what is going on.  Lacey and her crazy cast of characters get into a lot of shenanigans throughout this delightful whodunit.  There is action, suspense, a touch of romance and a lot of great dialogue. Lacey's "Fashion Bites" are a cute and humorous addition that I very much enjoyed.  I feel like I would be doing myself a disservice if I did not start at the beginning of this series and see where Lacey came from.  I recommend this book and rate it 4 stars.


Book Description via AMAZON

February 7, 2012 Crime of Fashion Mystery (Book 8)

When fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian moved to Washington, D.C., from rugged, small town Sagebrush, Colorado, she thought she’d never look back. But when her former boyfriend, cattle rancher Cole Tucker, is arrested for the murders of three women, Lacey digs her cowboy boots out of her closet and hops on the next plane.

She is certain of Tucker’s innocence, until he abducts her during a daring courthouse escape. Is Tucker capable of murder, too? Or is there a larger conspiracy in the small town? Lacey needs to rustle up all the help she can get for this case before her old flame is snuffed out for good...

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  1. Thanks for such kind words. I hope you do check out Lacey's story from the beginning. Just start with KILLER HAIR.



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