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My review:
STIRRING UP TROUBLE is YA at its best.  It was charming, lacked vulgarity, major sexual situations and had a great story line.  I loved that Alexander wrote a story that focuses on friendships and relationships of teens in a new and interesting way.

The books highlights choices and consequences in a fun way and whimsical way...mix a spell that is self serving...bad things can happen.  I just loved that!!  As a mother, I also loved that Alexander created a story that focused on a positive parent relationship.  Zoe spoke with her mother about the difficult things that were going on in her life and that helped Zoe work through the situations.

I have already told my friends with teen girls that they should have their daughters read this book.  This book was a pleasure to read and one that I am so excited to share with all of you.  I highly recommend STIRRING UP TROUBLE!
Stirring Up Trouble

Stirring Up Trouble by Juli Alexander

Book Description via AMAZON

January 17, 2012

Zoe Miller is a 15-year-old witch with a talent for potions. She's working hard to find a substitute for toad slime. Since fat-free margarine has been found to be a substitute for dead man's toe, she's hopeful that she'll find one. Then there's all the so-called normal stuff. Like high school, her annoyingly selfish "friend" Anya, and her crush on Anya's ex-boyfriend Jake. Now, Zoe's dad is dating Jake's mom, and things are getting more and more complicated. If only Zoe could brew a potion or two and set everything straight. Zoe can't. If she brews a self-serving potion, bad things will happen to her appearance. Like a crooked nose, giant wart, green skin, rotting teeth--the whole ugly witch stereotype. Zoe's tired of fate interfering so cruelly in her life. Can you really blame her for putting her potions to not-so-good use and stirring up trouble? 

Excerpt: “Should we leave?” I whispered to Jake to distract him. “No,” he said, leaning closer to me. Suddenly, he didn’t seem as stressed but more like his old self. “I think I should kiss you.” “What? No!” Oh my God! “Why not?” he asked in a low voice that sent shivers through me. I made myself look at him as I whispered, “Because you don’t want to kiss me, you just want to bother Anya. And she’s my best friend.” “Right,” he said, backing away. “I guess we shouldn’t then.” Of course, I’d really hoped that he would say that he did want to kiss me and not only to bother Anya. “Would it help that it would also drive our parents nuts?” Hmmm. “Let me think for a minute,” I said. It would really mess with Dad’s head. And that excuse would be good enough for Anya. I already had a major crush. How much worse could it get? Glancing at Anya and quickly judging how dark the theater was, I said, “Okay.” Stirring Up Trouble is a Young Adult Romance.

Author Bio:
Juli Alexander writes books for teens and tweens.  The sequel to Stirring Up Trouble will be out in July.  Valentine's Day Sucks is available now on Amazon.  In April, keep an eye out for a short story in the anthology, Eternal Spring, and the first in a new series about a teen genie, The Karma Beat.  Visit for more info or connect on twitter @Juli_Alexander.

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