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#MMBBR Start the year off right with these awesome books from @simonschuster via @adamsmedia #WorkFromHomeHacks @ajavuu #MindfulMeditationsforMindlessMoments #CourtneyEAckerman #TheWordADayVocabularyWorkbook #Francine Puckley

Start the year off right with these awesome books that will help you slide into the new year as a more mindful, more organized and a more intelligent person!!!

This book has been such a help, since I am working from home 4 days a week. This book has everything you need from setting up your space, to routine and schedules to overcoming those nasty distractions and so much more. I loved that it was practical advice and not some crazy off the wall ideas! Much needed, as I am still getting used to this new normal of WFH!

Work From Home Hacks by Aja Frost

Be as productive as possible at work while never leaving your home with Work-From-Home Hacks! These 500 tips offer simple solutions for every WFH situation so you can stay focused, happy, and even enjoy your workday.


Author Aja Frost covers everything from staying productive (and how to refocus when you feel productivity waning), making your home an effective office, limiting distractions (even for parents with kids at home!), building a good routine, establishing good communication habits, managing teams effectively, and maintaining good work/life balance.


Whether you’re adjusting to a permanent work-from-home schedule, are looking to improve a long-standing remote work routine, or just need some advice for the occasional WFH days, this book is here to help. It will be out in December.

I loved this book that is jam packed with great, easy ways to be more mindful and to shutout outside distractions while doing daily tasks and to use those tasks to connect with yourself and your body. I have tired a bunch of them and love them so much! I highly recommend this to anyone who like to mediate.

The Illustrated Book of Mindful Meditations for Mindless Moments by Courtney E. Ackerman

Who’s got time to meditate when there’s a sink full of dishes, dinner hasn’t been made, and it feels like your to-do list is endless? You do! With The Illustrated Book of Mindful Meditations for Mindless Moments, you can turn everyday, boring tasks into moments of calmness, openness, and gratitude.


Instead of trying to carve out a daily mediation time, try to make the most of the time you have: from the two minutes you spend brushing your teeth to the time it takes you to eat your lunch. Take note of the weight of each dish and admire its cleanliness as you empty the dishwasher, or spend a minute after you get in bed considering the smoothness of your covers and noticing how cozy you are.


Meditation is a great way to destress, reduce anxiety, and improve your mood, and this book is packed with ideas for turning all of your least favorite tasks into some of the most peaceful moments of your day. Mindfulness is just a folded basket of laundry away! 

I cannot wait to dive into this book on January 1!!!What better time than then to learn a new word everyday! I love that it is a workbook and that I take a few moments a day to improve myself. I love that there are little prompts, activities and trivia each day that will help these new words stick in my vocabulary. I highly recommend this book for the work lover in your life!

The Word-A-Day Vocabulary Workbook by Francine Puckley

Improve your vocabulary one day at a time with this fun interactive workbook! In The Word-a-Day Vocabulary Workbook, you’ll discover new words with definitions, etymology, trivia, and writing prompts to help you remember the words and learn how to use them correctly.


Whether you’re looking to exercise your brain, improve your vocabulary in everyday speech, or simply win your next crossword or Scrabble game, this book will improve your odds—and you’ll have fun doing it! The book will be out in January.

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