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These books are simply adorable! They capture the imaginations of young readers both through the incredible stories and the unbelievably amazing illustrations. There is something for every reader with these titles, from early readers to more advanced readers. 

 See my reviews of each below!!!



by Marianne Dubuc 


ISBN: 9781616899448 

Price: $8.95/ Board Book / Ages 1 – 4  

A simple story with a big heart. This book illustrates giving loving compassion and what it means to be a good friend!


A happy kitten playing with a kite accidentally injures a little  

bug!  The  kitten  wants  to  know  what will  make  the  little  

friend feel better: to march like the ants or fly like the birds?  

Nothing  seems  to  work  until  finally  the  kitten  asks  and  the  

little friend shares the answer--a kiss! Little ones will love the  

whimsy and warmth of this sweet story as one small creature  

learns to care for an even smaller little friend. 


Marianne  Dubuc  is  an  award-winning  author  and  illustrator  of  many  picture  books,  which  have  been  translated  into  twenty-five  languages,  including The  Fish  and  the  Cat, Up  the  Mountain Path, Otto and Pio, and Little Cheetah's Shadow. She lives in Montreal. 



by Michela Fabbri 

ISBN: 9781616899455 

Price: $17.95/ Hardcover/ Ages 4 – 8 


This book is so sweet. Such a great book to create dialogue with your children about loving ourselves, while also embracing our differences. There is so much to love about this story because it speaks to really enjoying all the little things that makes life great!


A capybara is not a mouse or a beaver or a bear and has all sorts of  

surprising  traits  to  discover.  But  while  every  capybara  has  teeny  

tiny  ears  and  a  gigantic  nose,  this  endearing  capybara  happens  to  

love poetry and the opera and even dressing up as a whale! Fabbri's  

irresistibly  charming  illustrations  and  witty  monologue  reveal  the  

wonders  to  be  discovered  by  trying  new  things,  learning  about  

someone you don't know, and embracing community and family. 


Michela Fabbri lives in Genova,  Italy. She operates a small B&B, and creates comics on her daily  life. This is her first book. 



A Zip, Trik, and Flip Adventure 

written by Davide Cali, illustrated by Maria Dek 

ISBN: 9781616899370 

Price: $17.95/ Hardcover with Jacket/ Ages 4 – 8  

A fun story about three friends setting out to figure out where the world ends. They end up asking neighbors and friends, following some advice and disregarding others. Will they find what they seek? Read to find out.


From  the  author  of  Good  Morning,  Neighbor comes another 

extraordinary adventure for three friends. Zip, Trik, and Flip set off  

to  find  where  the  world  ends. The  trio  journeys  across  fantastical  

landscapes with  countless  delightful  details for  young  readers  to  

discover. The three friends maintain their spirit and determination,  

enjoying  the  journey  as  much  as  the  destination  before  returning  

home again. 


Davide  Cali  is  an  award-winning  children's  book  author  of  more  than  fifty  books,  including  A  Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School, The Queen of the Frogs, and When an Elephant Falls in  Love. He lives in France and Italy. 


Maria Dek studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and University of the Arts, London.  She is based in Bialowieza, Poland, in the oldest forest in Europe. Her prior books include A Walk  in the Forest and When I am Big. 


For nearly  forty  years, Princeton Architectural Press has  been a leading publisher  of  books  on architecture, design,  and visual culture. In recent years, the Press broadened its scope, introducing a children's list and a line of stationery  products. We've made  our  reputation  by identifying  new  trends  and  publishing  first  books  on  emerging  talents,  as  well as definitive works on established names, and by creating books of unsurpassed design quality and production  values.  Founded  in  1981 with the  publication  of Letarouilly's  Edifices  de  Rome  Moderne,  which  is  still  in  print,  Princeton Architectural Press has produced nearly 1,000 intelligent and stimulating publications.  In 2017,  the Press  received the Arthur Ross Award for Excellence in the Classical Tradition from the Institute of Classical Architecture &  Art.


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