Wednesday, April 3, 2019

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Written and illustrated by Lindsay Ward
(April 16, 2019; Two Lions; ages 3-7; 32 pages)

Our favorite neurotic toy dinosaur is back!

Dexter can’t wait to go on vacation with his best friend, Jack. Supercool orange sunglasses? Check. Nifty travel hat? Check. Plane tickets? Uh, what? Dexter may be the toughest, coolest dinosaur around, but everyone knows T. rexes don’t fly! If anyone could do it, he could. It’s just that he’s suddenly feeling a little hot. And maybe a little nervous. But just as he starts to melt down, he notices Jack looks upset. Dexter realizes he has to be brave enough for both of them. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll start to have a bit of fun in the air.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Dexter is the best. We brought this book on spring break with us and my nieces loved it. They loved the story, the humor, the adventure the characters and everything in between. It was a total hit! I highly recommend this readable story that both kids and adults will love!!

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