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Running with Wolves: Our Story of Life with the Sawtooth Pack (ages 9-12, $16.99, hardcover) by Jim & Jamie Dutcher ** excerpt attached **
On a clear, cold morning, Jim and Jamie Dutcher emerged from their campsite to come face to face with their only neighbors: a pack of wolves.  The leader, Kamots, intently moved closer — close enough to touch.  He was enormous, with powerful muscles, intelligent eyes and startlingly sharp teeth. But the Dutchers weren’t afraid.  And neither was Kamots; he drew close and gave a quick lick, as he did every morning — a greeting reserved only for kin.  Adventure, friendship, and family come together in this riveting memoir as two Emmy award-winning filmmakers take young readers into the world of a real-life wolf pack.  Jim and Jamie set out to prove that instead of fearsome beasts, wolves are social, complex, and incredible creatures that deserve our protection. Deep in the mountain wilderness of Idaho, they set up Wolf Camp, where they spent years capturing the emotional, exciting, and sometimes heartbreaking story of this amazing pack. Every chapter is filled with adventure of the highest order and Jim and Jamie weave a powerful and moving story — from the arrival of the first of the Sawtooth Pack to the tearful goodbye years later when Jim and Jamie knew their work was done, as painful a decision as that proved to be. Through first person narrative and an 8-page full color insert featuring the Dutcher’s photos, Jim and Jamie reveal how these brave wolves battled mountain lions, faced frigid temperatures and overcame all odds. Most of all, readers will discover the surprising kindness, compassion, and devotion that two humans experienced by living with wolves.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is amazing. My mind was literally blown. I could not stop reading this book and was sucked in right away. Both kids and adults will love learning about, following and being part of the Sawtooth Pack. I could not help but marvel at the beautiful way the wolves were captured and how they overcame so much. There is so much that was learned about wolves over the six years this book covered. This book really did capture how wolves are social and family focused. I will reread this book and I never reread. I cannot wait for my kids to read this too. They will also love it!

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