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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Best shark book EVER! My kid is a shark nut and we checked out 15 or more books from the library about sharks, but nothing comes close to how awesome this book is!!! The pictures are beyond amazing and the facts are so fun to read! This book includes eight chapters; Spectacular Sharks, Exploring Shark Anatomy, The Secret Lives of Sharks, The Fintastic Fin, Shark Myths Busted, Colossal Fossils, Super Sharks and Be A Shark Defender!! My kids and I have spent hours paging through and reading about all about sharks. We are shark fans, so getting this book is like being a kid on Christmas! 5 stars. A MUST read for those who love sharks!!

ABOUT THE BOOK: Brian Skerry’s photography and in-the-field research are in a league of their own.  In 2017 he was awarded the Nikon National Geographic Explorer of the Year and his work has appeared in the New York Times, Smithsonian, National Geographic Magazine and the Washington Post, among others. Perry's photography is featured in solo exhibits around the world and he is also the Explorer-In-Residence and Trustee at the New England Aquarium.  His extreme talent photographing marine wildlife and underwater environments is showcased on every page of The Ultimate Book of Sharks, creating a comprehensive, eye-popping and entertaining first-hand look at all things shark, including:

* Long days at the beach are finally here!  Find out if YOU really are on the menu!
* Shark Safety 101 
* Gripping stories from Brian about his shark encounters 
* What kids can do to help with shark conservation and unlikely allies in the cause like Shark Attack Survivors for Shark Conservation 
* Shark superlatives! Which sharks have the strongest bite, are the most social, have the best camo, are the most petite predator??
* Shark myths busted — sharks are social, smart and picky eaters!
* Tips for finding shark fossils — tooth hunting tips

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