Sunday, November 19, 2017

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Award winning Unusual Animals A-Z is quirky, imaginative, educational and just plain fun. Whether it's Andre the aardvark or Zena the zorilla, each of these twenty-six unusual animals is introduced to the reader with a colorful watercolor painting and a factual characteristic. While Bernie the bearded dragon likes to bask in the sun, Morris the manatee uses his small front flippers and massive body to body surf through the waves. Each animal has the same lettered name and when the reader reaches the end, he has twenty-six chances to come up with one of his own.

This book is so fun and interesting. It is filled from A-Z with zany, crazy and unusually awesome animals. You cannot help but we blown away and completely entertained by the animals you may have never even known existed. This book will be a delight for children and kids alike. The bright and colorful illustrations will keep your attention and the funny little stories underneath are adorable. 

Heather JonesHeather Jones is the co-founder of the international award winning company, The Rhythm Child Network, an enterprise devoted to musical empowerment and education of children, teachers and families. After having the incredible opportunity of performing at The White House, Michelle Obama has said, “I greatly appreciate your helping to create so many lovely memories for families from across our Nation”. Heather is hoping her book will have the same impact! Her first children's book, "Unusual Animals A-Z", won an Academics Choice Award for Smart Book (2017).

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