Tuesday, February 28, 2017

#MMBBR #Review Forks, Knives, and Spoons by @LeahDeCesare @GoSparkPress

There are three kinds of guys: forks, knives, and spoons. That is the final lesson that Amy York’s father sends her off to college with, never suspecting just how far his daughter will take it. Clinging to the Utensil Classification System as her guide, Amy tries to convince her skeptical roommate, Veronica Warren, of its usefulness as they navigate the heartbreaks and soul mates of college and beyond. 

Beginning in 1988, their freshman year at Syracuse University, Amy and Veronica meet an assortment of guys―from slotted spoons and shrimp forks to butter knives and sporks―all while trying to learn if the UCS holds true. On the quest to find their perfect steak knives, they learn to believe in themselves―and not to settle in love or life.

This book was such a fun read.  I really loved it.  It is one of those reads that has a ton of heart.  It is one of those reads that you cannot wait to get wrapped up in.  I cannot help but to look back at my younger years with both wonder and fondness because De Cesare captures what is was like to live through that time with beautiful perfection.  Ever since I finished this book I am noticing forks, knives and spoons everywhere!  You want to add this book to your to be read pile and I am certain that you will love it as much as I did.  A home run of a read and a perfect book club pick.

Leah DeCesareLeah DeCesare is the author of FORKS, KNIVES, AND SPOONS (2017, SparkPress) and the nonfiction parenting series NAKED PARENTING, based on her work as a doula, early parenting educator, and mom of three. 

Leah’s articles have been featured in The Huffington Post, the International Doula and The Key, among others. In 2008, Leah co-founded the nonprofit Doulas of Rhode Island, and in 2013 she spearheaded the Campaign for Hope to build the Kampala Children’s Centre for Hope and Wellness in Uganda. In a past life, Leah worked in public relations and event planning. She now writes, teaches and volunteers in Rhode Island where she lives with her family and their talking cockatiel.


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