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Two parents challenge one another to find balance between work and family life. Their stories are both uproarious and poignant as they raise children and strive to leave their mark on the wider world. Filled with tender moments and plenty of laughs, Here Be Dragons recounts the adventures of a family trying to stay afloat, and offers a life raft to the rest of us in choppy waters.

Such an important read for parents because all parents struggle from time to time, but if you do so with an open heart, some humor and good intentions we will all make it out with kids who had a great childhood.  I am a strong believer in trying to do better, to be better for myself and my kids.  This book has helped me do just that.  I highly recommend this read for any parent.   

A candid, practical, and defiantly funny guide to embracing neurological differences--from a bitingly witty autistic mute and her dyslexic, ADHD-wired, lesbian therapist.
Shattering the conventional notion of disability, Neurodiversity sheds light on autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD), dyslexia, and other neurological differences as natural human variations with their own challenges and strengths. While backed by brain science, the authors write from personal experience. Speechless (literally) due to severe autism, Barb Rentenbach communicates by typing one letter at a type. (Though "disguised as a poor thinker," she's imaginative, dedicated, and exceptionally patient.) Her therapist and friend, Lois Prislovsky, Ph.D., is an educational psychologist whose distinctive traits include dyslexia and ADHD. (She's also married to a woman, a mom to a teenage son, and enjoys any new challenge - the wackier the better.) In alternating chapters, Barb and Lois share real-life stories, mind-opening insights, and down-to-earth advice to encourage everyone to see beyond labels, treat others with respect, and help each unique person become his or her highest self.       
Written with honesty, compassion, and ribald humor, Neurodiversity offers reassurance and practical tips for parents, educators, employers, LGBT families, and anyone who loves someone who is different. Readers will discover:
* The payoff of presuming competence and listening well (even to non-verbal people).
* Do's and don'ts for managing anxiety. (Do facilitate optimism. Don't overprotect.)
* Ways to help ADHD children excel, without medication. (Tips: Limit access to video games but don't make unrealistic restrictions on movement.)...and much more.
"Autism is my prism, not my prison," Barb Rentenbach declares. A fun take on serious issues, Neurodiversity presents two wonderfully different perspectives on understanding how different brains think and maximizing our collective human potential.  

"This book is filled with hilarious, refreshing, and touching stories about using differences in ways you would never imagine and are not always PC...The key is acknowledging and working to understand what makes up your neurologically diverse brain and THRIVING in its complexities." --Emma Willmann, Comedian 

The brain is very complicated and there are so many things we still don't know about how it functions.  This book is filled with different ways to look at differences, which is both refreshing and, at times, funny.  It was a great read and I focused mostly on the chapter about dyslexia, as my son is dyslexic.


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