Monday, April 6, 2015

Highlight: The Gods Must Be Us: When Fiction Becomes A Miracle by Dennis N. Clegg PhD


Take personal growth to another level, embrace your inner god

Dr. Dennis N. Clegg pens fiction based on miraculous experience with energy

SEDONA, Ariz. – What if you had the power to stop a tsunami in its tracks? Dennis N. Clegg, Ph.D., reveals how he participated in doing just that with the powerful tsunami that destructively hit Japan in 2011. When he heard the massive wave was plowing toward Hawaii, he applied information he had previously written about to make the energy of the tsunami relax and dissipate.

“I participated in something, maybe alone, but one person can change the energy of something that big,” Clegg said. “I didn’t know if I even wanted to have that kind of power, but what happened that day was truly eye-opening because I’m not someone special.”
Clegg’s new book, “The Gods Must Be Us,” explores this idea that what we consider to be miracles can actually be everyday occurrences. It’s a spiritual adventure novel based on the author’s experience with a supernatural event and encourages readers to tap into their own core empowerment.

“My personal resolve has been to question everything, and if any concept cannot be destroyed through scrutiny, it can join the list of ‘may be,’” Clegg said. “’The Gods Must Be Us’ is not a definitive conclusion, but a statement of a strengthening observation.”
“The Gods Must Be Us” is an alternate reality that follows a group of people in the middle of an atomic war when they realize they have the ability to take the energy out of radiation.
“For perceptive personal growth junkies, the story is full of concepts that may redirect how we live,” Clegg said. “It touches what we long for, qualities of being that our social conditioning disconnects us from. Those who are ready will gain keys to core empowerment.”

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