Sunday, April 6, 2014

Highlight: The Woman's Secret: A Novella with Lessons by Alexandra Joy


Written as an engrossing fictional story, the book, essentially, is guidance for every woman in her journey towards love, happiness and fulfilling her most daring dreams! This book reveals ancient sacral knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga mixed with practical psychological advice, which will transform any woman into a strong, confident, independent and yet, feminine, passionate and desirable woman, who effortlessly creates the world of her dreams, both in her career and love life. In the book you will learn energy practices, meditations and exercises from Kundalini and Tantra Yoga -to attract men you always wanted and meet your soul mate. -to become a love goddess and give unforgettable pleasure to your partner -to use your inner power to make your wishes come true -to open your heart in order to find your calling in life and fulfil your destiny The book shares some life wisdom to help you learn -what to do during all stages of dating, from the first meeting to the first night -effective methods to get over your ex-boyfriend, gain confidence and increase your self-awareness. -4 manifestations of a true woman, that every man looks for -enjoy every moment of being and bring love, happiness, creativity and passion into your life Join the heroine in her exciting journey to find her true self! One spring day, hopelessly unlucky in love Alexandra leaves her dull office life in London for the sunny South of France to visit her aunt, who promises to teach her some ancient secrets about the art of seduction and mystical women's power. The young lady is intrigued by an opportunity to gain love and happiness. As her lessons progress, she tries out the newly acquired knowledge in her romantic affairs with two gentlemen. However, she has no idea how dramatically her life will change... Where will her journey bring her?

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