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Shoshana Thompson is 26 years old, miles from home, and engaged to Andrew Walsh, the last single Walsh brother of one of Washington, D.C.'s wealthiest families. Throughout her engagement she becomes enamored with the Walsh lifestyle.

Life in the fast lane comes to a screeching halt when Shoshana develops feelings for another man. When she discovers the feelings may not be one-sided, things are about to get a lot more complicated. This man is not only part of her fancy new world, he is also completely off-limits.


“Drew, why didn’t you wake me?” Shoshana asked as she looked at her bedside clock. It was 9:45 a.m. and she had to be ready in 15 minutes.
“I figured you’d want to sleep as long as you could before the alarm,” Drew said.
“My alarm! Did it even go off? I didn’t hear anything.”
“I kept hitting snooze; you like to sleep late on Saturdays.”
She glared at her fiancé. “Yes, normally! But not when I have to be with your family all day!”
“It’s just the girls,” Drew said.
“Please, your sisters-in-law are not like normal ‘girls;’ it’s like a beauty pageant slash couture fashion show,” Shoshana said as she sprung up from bed.
She sped walked into the bathroom and began brushing her teeth with fervor.
“I guess you’d better get your crown ready,” Drew said and winked at her.
“I don’t even think I have enough time to shower!” Shoshana protested between mouthfuls of toothpaste foam.
“Why do you have to shower?”
Shoshana spit into the sink. “Are you serious?” She marched out of the bathroom and looked at him incredulously.
“Yeah, your hair looks fine, you don’t seem dirty,” Drew said with a shrug.
“Drew! Your sisters-in-law have perfect hair.”
“Stop, you’re making yourself crazy.” Drew walked into the bathroom to shave.
“Forget it, there’s no time to shower,” Shoshana yelled after him.
“Sounds good,” Drew said barely listening.
Shoshana rummaged through her closet. She threw on a black cotton dress and black flip-flops. She figured black was a chic-enough color and it would hide any sweat marks. It was August in Washington, D.C., which meant, it was hot.
“I’ll wear black and then I’ll fit in—”
“Why do they bother you so much?” Drew asked as Shoshana emerged from the closet.
Shoshana stopped and looked at him. “It’s not that they bother me.”
“What is it then?”
“I can’t really describe it.”
“They’re nice, they mean well, I really don’t get it,” Drew said as he buttoned his shirt.
“You wouldn’t get it, you’re a guy. They’re gorgeous and they’re well-dressed, always. And by the way—I’ve never seen them without makeup. They’re not human.”
“Sometimes you act like you’re not human,” Drew said, shaking his head and laughing. “Try to relax, everything will be fine.”
“Thanks for those uplifting words,” Shoshana said sarcastically as she started to apply mascara.
Drew grabbed his keys off the entrance hall table. She knew that it was his signal that the conversation was over.
He came back into the room and gave her a quick peck on the lips. “They’re only in town because of the engagement party, you usually get to avoid them.”
“Zoey still lives nearby . . .”
“Well, then you usually get to avoid two of the three.” Drew headed toward the door; Shoshana followed him.
“I like them; I just don’t feel like myself around them. I feel quiet and awkward.”
“Maybe that’s not because of them, maybe that’s a larger issue you have to tackle within yourself.”
She shook her head and smiled, it was such a classic Drew comment. ‘Maybe you’re projecting,’ ‘Maybe the larger issue is . . .’
“Let’s talk about it later.” He gave her a kiss on the forehead and walked out the door.
She knew he wouldn’t bring it up later, but she was okay with that. One of things she loved about Drew was his ability to move on. He didn’t harp on issues or create drama. He was calm and sensible.
Shoshana waited for the door to close behind him.
“Ugh.” She walked back into the bedroom and stared into the full-length mirror that hung on the back of her closet door. “The Walsh girls.”  

 Author Bio:

Jessica Gordon is a Johns Hopkins University alumna for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She takes her readers to the Washington, D.C. area where her characters navigate through the complex world of family, in-laws, and love. Jessica lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband.

For more information on the book, check out Feel free to contact Jessica at any time. She loves hearing from readers!

Connect with Jessica!

Twitter @jessicabgordon


Q.  What inspires your writing?

People! People in my own life, friends of friends, stories I hear, strangers I observe. Anything and everything. Sometimes even a quote, an observation, or a look someone gives you can set you off on a path to creating something.

Q.  What is your favorite thing about being an author?

The ability to create everyday. A blank canvas that is ready to be filled with characters, ideas, dialogue, plots, settings; the possibilities are endless and I love that.

Q.  What is the toughest part of being an author?

My favorite thing about being an author also makes it the toughest thing: endless possibilities. When developing a story, as much as I want to be free and creative, the story needs to have a linear focus and actually contain a beginning, middle, and end. This is hard for me because I would love to just write different scenes. I love character development and scene creation, but the tough part is putting everything together in a working, fluid, enjoyable order.

Q.  If you could not be author, what would you do/be?

I would love to be a good cook. I would want to really be able to learn properly and cook boldly. And I would want this culinary training in Italy. Any excuse to be in Florence I would take. I would love to live there in some capacity.

Q.  What would the story of your life be entitled?

Love, Life, and Writing

Q.  What is your favorite book of all time?

Not sure! There are so many I like. I will say I absolutely love to read chick lit. Writing it is fun, but reading it is always pleasurable! I did laugh out loud to Sophie Kinsella's The Undomestic Goddess so that book stands out as a favorite as far as humor. As of recent, I thought Tracey Garvis Graves did an excellent job with On the Island.

Q.  Which part of your book(s) was the easiest to write?

Scenes. I love creating memorable moments and 'setting the scene.' Details about where the characters are, what they are wearing, eating, discussing, body language, eye contact, creating real, intimate, interesting and relatable moments. I love that. Putting all of the scenes together in a seamless way is the challenge.

Q.  Which part of your book(s) was the hardest to write?

The middle part. It is hard to figure out what scenes should stay and what should go in the meat of the book. You want to keep it fast paced and interesting but it is also hard to delete scenes that are favorites. Making decisions on what to cut out is hard but necessary for the overall flow of the book.

Q.  Which character from any book are you most like?

I love Rachel Walsh and my main character Sho. I think I have traits in common with both of them. Rachel is a good friend and observant. She likes to tell it like it is and has a girl next-door type of personality. Sho is more emotional and analytical, sometimes too analytical, a little like myself.  :)

Q.  What is your favorite season?

I love the fall, especially coming off of a very hot, humid, DC summer. The fall is a welcoming, cozy, refreshing, beautiful reprieve.

Q. Can you tell me a little about the inspiration behind your book cover(s)?

Simplicity. I wanted a cover that was very pointed. The ring symbolizes so much. Our engagement rings are sparkly reminders of a very specific time where you are joining a new family, forging new relationships, and beginning the next chapters of your life. I also love that particular hue of blue!

Q.  Tell me something funny that happened while on a book tour or while promoting your book(s).

Just readers' comments are humorous, one reader asked me where she can get a Walsh brother. Another one said she can't stop thinking about Mark, help! Comments like that always make me laugh!

Q.  Are you working on something new?

I am working on a sequel to Becoming Mrs. Walsh. 

Q.  Anything you want to say to followers of this blog or those that are just stopping by?

Hello and thanks for reading this interview! I hope you enjoy the book if you end up reading it. Feel free to check out my website and contact me at any time, I mean it!



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