Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Amy's Review: Time Killer by Todd M. Thiede

Time Killer

Witness a gripping thriller that will surely hook you from start to finish in Time Killer…

Have you ever stood in a line at a grocery store while a person in front of you argued every price and then at the very end they pulled out a book of coupons? Have you ever waited in a drive thru as the person in front of you took forever to order his food? There is a person in Rockton Illinois that has had this happen to him and he is doing something about it. He is getting rid of the Time Wasters in Rockton. 

Detective Max Larkin has a pretty simple life in Rockton. He wakes up every morning and goes to the police station to solve small town crimes. However, today is going to be different. Not only is he getting a new partner, Jesse Fairlane, that he doesn’t want, but he is getting assigned to a murder case where the murderer writes TIME WASTER on the wall in the victim’s blood.

Follow them as they attempt to solve the murder mystery case and find out if their tandem would work in Time Killer.

Hang onto your hats...once you start this book, you won't be able to put it down.  From the first page you will be holding onto your seats in anticipation as to what will happen next.  The book starts with a murder and from there you are taken on a trip with many twists and turns.  I feel the author did a great job of building the suspense and conflict.  I really enjoyed how Max and Jessie worked together.  This book is fast paced, which I thought was wonderful.  I rate it 4 stars!

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