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A Perfect Setup (A Sami Saxton Novel Book 2): by Douglous Wickard Mandy's Review


A Perfect Setup (A Sami Saxton Novel Book 2)

A moment of weakness…
an afternoon of passion…
a brutal murder hits close to home…
The explosive sequel to A PERFECT HUSBAND.

Sami’s back! And this time it’s personal!

The New York Times, Daily News and New York Post all hailed her a hero!

Samantha Saxton "owned the night," they reported. She was the victor, the quiet champion, the anti-heroine single-handedly destroying the career of a lethal serial killer stalking the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for six unremitting years. The disappearance of six teenage girls and the horrific details of their deaths received national, frenzied attention and Sami Saxton became the unlikely poster woman in all the coverage.

Sami’s attempt to find a quieter, less hectic life by moving to the cabin her deceased father built years ago in the remote township of Montague, New Jersey didn’t turn out quite the way she expected. 

Returning to the City, Sami purchases a spacious, fifth floor, open-airy, glass-walled condominium on the Upper West Side overlooking the Hudson River…another new start!

But, that night continues to haunt her dreams and in her life. The nightmares persist, vivid, ongoing and relentless. Posttraumatic stress syndrome paralyzes her, keeping her prisoner in her newly renovated home. The anxiety and panic attacks intensify and not even prescription painkillers can relieve the anguish.

Then, the unthinkable occurs. A young, female model is found brutally murdered in a midtown hotel. And, Jerry Saxton, Sami’s ex-husband, is taken into custody for the heinous crime. 


Mandy's Review
Really ???  Seriously ???  I mean how much drama can one person handle?  In this next book by Douglas Wickard we find out just how much our heroine Sami Saxton can handle.  I really loved this book.  The mystery, the suspense and not too mention the ending of the book - all of it just brilliant.  Douglas does an awesome job of hooking the reader in and keeping them until the very end.  The book has just the right amount of description (not too wordy).  The "who did it"kept me on the edge of my seat that I had to read this book in one sitting.  I could not put it down.  I can not wait to see if there is another book coming from this awesome author.  You really, really need to read this book.  I give it 5 stars !!!!


A Perfect Husband (A Sami Saxton Novel Book 1)

An abandoned cabin… a diabolical killer…a hidden cemetery… a deadly secret is about to be uncovered.

Far from the neon blur of Manhattan – the dizzy buzz of restaurants, theater openings and one too many cocktails – located seventy-two miles outside the City in the sleepy, rural township of Montague, New Jersey, Sami Saxton is looking to rebuild her life. A rebirth, one might call it. And, she intends to do this spiritual resurrection in a small, abandoned fishing cabin, built over forty years ago by her deceased father.

Not quite abandoned…

A lethal serial killer has taken up residence in the basement of Sami’s remote cottage, using her father’s carpenter table for a hobby much more sinister than woodcutting.

Sequestered deep within forty-two acres of tall pine trees, bristling brooks and fresh water lakes, Sami Saxton is about to fight for her life.

The hard truth… nobody will ever hear her scream!

Mandy's Review

I absolutely loved this book!!! Douglas Wickard did an awesome job of weaving this tale of mystery and suspense. Smitty was a perfect husband with a dark side that kept you on the edge of you seat. Sami wanted a fresh start to a life that had been a little rough lately but what she finds is a serial killer. The book made me want to go check out my basement and make sure all was well. The book was a page turner and I could not put it down. I would highly recommend this book. I give it 5 stars.


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