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Blog Tour: Memories by Deanna Sletten

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Author Bio:Deanna Lynn Sletten is a novelist who writes women's fiction and has also written one middle-grade fiction action/adventure novel. Her novels include Memories, Widow, Virgin, Whore and Outlaw Heroes. She started her writing career as a freelance writer for parenting publications in the early 1990s and transitioned to writing for blogs and websites until she made the jump to novelist.  Deanna is married and has two grown children. When not writing, Deanna enjoys walking the trails around her northern Minnesota home with her beautiful Australian Shepherd.

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Q. What inspires your writing?

Many things can spark an idea for a novel. A song, a line in a movie, or a story on the news. Even a simple remark by someone I'm talking to can spark an idea and make me think, "What if?" I am always wondering why people act or react the way they do. Have you ever sat at a stoplight and looked over at the person in the car next to you and wondered what their life is like? I do that all the time. All of these things spark my imagination and inspire my stories.

Q. What is your favorite thing about being an author?

It's hard to choose just one because I love all if it. I enjoy thinking over the story, writing the story, creating the characters and sitting for hours writing their story. I enjoy the solitude of writing and the fact that I can write whenever I want, day or night, and don't have to live with a schedule. I guess if I had to choose, my favorite part is when I first begin a story and let my imagination soar while I build the story around my new characters.

Q. What is the toughest part of being an author?

For me, the toughest part is the editing, editing, and more editing. I try to read my manuscripts several times to find errors, and still there are errors. Now I use an editor so she can find any errors I miss.

Q. If you could not be author, what would you do/be?

It took me so long to get to this point in my life that I wouldn't want to be anything else. Becoming a full-time author was the goal for over 20 years, and now that I have achieved it, I only want to do this.

Q. What would the story of your life be titled?

Too Stubborn to Give Up

Q. What is your favorite book of all time?

Easy – Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I fell in love with it when I was twelve years old and it's still my favorite.

Q. Which part of your book(s) was the easiest to write?

For Memories, the easiest part was the dialogue between the two main protagonists, Michael and Dani. There are many times that they spar in this book, and it was fun to write their dialogue.  I just imagined being Dani and what I'd say to him when they disagreed.

Q. Which part of your book(s) was the hardest to write?

One scene in the book was the hardest but I can't describe it because it will spoil the story.  Researching the details in Memories, such as Michael's Vietnam War memories, was probably the most work, but I enjoy research so I won't peg that as the hardest.

Q. Which character from any book are you most like?

Katherine from Widow, Virgin, Whore. She is a strong person who has to keep it all together even when times are tough. I tend to be that person in my real life. In an emergency, I am able to keep my head together and do what needs to be done without letting emotions get in the way (the emotions come later when the tragedy is over!).  I think everyone needs a Katherine in their life.

Q. Can you tell me a little about the inspiration behind your book cover(s)?

All of my book covers are created by Deborah at Tugboat Design. I usually tell her about the storyline, then send her copies of a few photos that I think might work. With Memories, I wanted a cover with a beautiful pink sunset over the ocean, so I drove Deborah crazy by telling her "more pink!", although she never let on I drove her crazy. For my Widow cover, I wanted something that would reflect the seriousness of the book but also give a sense of where the story takes place. I couldn't find three serious women on the beach, so we went with the one. Outlaw Heroes was the easiest of the three because I knew I wanted to use an old-fashioned style "wanted" poster and then we added the western photo in the middle. My upcoming novel has a beautiful cover too that Deborah designed in spite of my ideas (my ideas were horrible!).  It really helps to have a professional cover designer.

Q. What is your favorite season?

Autumn. Even though that means winter will be here soon, I just love the weather and the beautiful colors in the fall.  It's my favorite time to be outside and walk the forest trails around our home.

Q. Tell me something funny that happened while on a book tour or while promoting your book(s).

I haven't had anything funny happen – yet. Everyone has been so supportive and nice and I've just enjoyed meeting so many new people while promoting my books over the past 9 months.

Q. Are you working on something new?

Yes. I am finishing up a women's fiction romance novel titled "Sara's Promise". I plan to publish it in December 2012 if all goes well. Here is a teaser:

Does love last forever, even after your soul mate dies?

When William lost his wife Sara, he thought he'd lost his forever. Then he meets Annie and strange coincidences begin to occur. Can Annie help him find true love again?

 Q. Anything you want to say to followers of this blog or those that are just stopping by?

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took time out of their busy day to read this interview. If you haven't already read Memories, or any of my other books, I hope you will try one. For those of you who have read Memories, I want to thank you for all your support these past months, for taking the time to review my books and for giving me the opportunity to entertain you with my words. I'd also like to give a big thank you to the owner of this blog, Emily, for hosting me on your blog and for supporting indie authors. I wouldn't be able to get the word out about my books without generous bloggers like you.

Dani studied Miguel as he stood admiring the portrait. Dressed casually in jeans and a red polo shirt, he looked much like the Miguel she had met years ago. His face had that tender look, the one he always wore when speaking of his daughter and Dani couldn't help but soften towards him. He glanced over at her and she was once again embarrassed to be caught staring at him. Quickly, she changed the subject by turning back to the poster.

 "I see you still have this." He was so near, she caught the scent of his cologne. She forced herself from basking in it.

"Yes," he answered quietly. "I've thought about putting it away from time to time, but I never have the heart to."

"It's a part of your past," she told him, still staring at the poster, not trusting herself to look into his eyes. "An important part. I don't think anyone expects you to give it up entirely." She wanted to ask him if he still had nightmares and if his leg still ached at times, but then she reminded herself that it wasn't her business anymore. She wasn't suppose to care, she reminded herself harshly.

"You always did understand about that part of my life," he said tenderly. "More than anyone I've ever known."

Dani turned and faced him. He was too close. His eyes showed the tenderness that his voice conveyed. She walked to the side of the room in front of the draperies to escape his nearness. How dare he make me care about him again, even for a moment, she thought angrily to herself. He still had the power with only a look to reach her soul.

Tartly she said, "Obviously I didn't know as much as I'd thought." She spread her arms wide. "All this comes as quite a surprise."

Book Description

 February 24, 2012
** Memories has been chosen as a semifinalist in the Kindle Book Review's Best
Indie Books of 2012! **

Michael DeCara came home from the Vietnam War a wounded man, both physically and emotionally. He tried putting his life back together, but found civilian life difficult after all he'd experienced in Nam. Raising his young daughter, Vanessa, by himself after his wife left, he found it difficult to commit to one job or one woman for any length of time. Then he met a young woman who made him feel good about himself again and who fell in love with Vanessa as well. But then a life-changing event occurred and he had to choose between his past and the present. He chose to leave without a word to the young woman, believing he was doing what was best for her. Now, years later, she has walked back into his life and he believes they may have a second chance at love-except she hates him and he doesn't understand why.

Danielle Westerly fell in love when she was only eighteen and her heart was broken when he left her without a word. Her heartache was increased when she made a fateful decision that would alter her future, and she blamed him for her loss. Years later, she is single and has built up a successful career when she accidently runs into the man who was responsible for her past pain. Yet, their chemistry is undeniable. Can Dani give up her anger and let go of the pain of the past and fall in love again with the man she has hated all these years?

Dani and Michael share a journey of heartache, loss and painful memories that threaten to keep them apart. Can they break past these and finally find love again?

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