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REVIEW: JACKPOT! by Jackie Pilossoph


There is a immense level of skill involved when writing a book that is both funny and thought provoking at the same time, I have to say that Pilossoph did it in perfect unison in her second novel JACKPOT!.  The question is this: Could you produce a child to get $8 million dollars?  Well, that is just what Jamie and Danny Jacobson had to consider when their mother, Frankie, presented the question after she won big on the lottery.  JACKPOT! will make you laugh, think and hope that love can actually conquer all.  It has depth and humor wrapped into an original story that keeps you turning pages.  I was told once by an author that a reader must truly relate to the characters in a book in order to completely appreciate a story.  I have to say that statement has resonated with me.  All the books that I have loved have had compelling and captivating characters.  JACKPOT! is one of those exceptional books!  I look forward to reading Pilossoph's other book HOOK, LINE AND SINK HIM and hope this fascinating talent continues to write spectacular books for years to come.


Publication Date: August 2, 2011

If your mother offered you eight million dollars to have a baby, would you do it? Jamie Jacobson doesn’t have a lot of faith in love, except when it comes to her Jimmy Choo shoes. Her brother Danny has two loves; his barely existent acting career and his ability to pick up women. But life is about to take a wild turn for these two dysfunctional but lovable siblings now that their mother has just won the lottery. Frankie, a longtime widow has wanted grandchildren for years. Now she’s prepared to pay cash for them. When Frankie presents her son and daughter each with a contract promising $8 million dollars if he or she can produce a child in the next twelve months (DNA tested, of course), Jamie and Danny each begin a frantic search for a person to help them reproduce. Come along on their desperate, outrageous and hilarious journeys where fake seductions, ovulation kits and a tarot-card reader are replacing condoms, the pill and fun, meaningless hook-ups. They hit a couple big bumps in the road that have nothing to do with their lack of diaper changing experience, but a lot to do with their hearts. Now they face the choice of their lives. Give in to love? Or go for the JACKPOT?

 "So incredibly original and refreshing, it has all the elements that make it a fabulous read including witty dialogue, romance, humor, a remarkably original plot and wonderful characters. Jackpot! is a novel that readers of authors like Emily Giffin, Sophie Kinsella and Jennifer Weiner will adore!" -Danielle Smith, Chick Lit Reviews

"Jackie Pilossoph definitely hits the jackpot with her sophomore novel. With snappy dialogue and loveable personality traits, the two main characters will become your friends. Add in a heart clenching plot twist and plenty of scenes that will leave you laughing out loud!" -Samantha Robey, Chick Lit +


Jackie Philossoph
Jackie Pilossoph
Jackie Pilossoph has been writing novels and screenplays for almost 10 years. Her first novel, HOOK, LINE AND SINK HIM was published in 2010, and JACKPOT! was published in August, 2011. In addition, she's optioned 3 screenplays to Hollywood producers.

Before she began writing creatively, Jackie had several different careers, including television news reporting, advertising sales and management, and pharmaceutical marketing. She also taught communications courses at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Jackie attended Indiana University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in economics. Several years later, she earned a master's degree in journalism from Boston University.
Jackie lives with her family in Chicago. She is currently preparing her next novel for release.

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