Friday, May 25, 2018

#MMBBR #Review #AdventuresinScience #TheHumanBody by @courtacampora via #partner @SilverDolphin

This interactive adventure is a perfect primer for learning about the human body!

Which part of the brain is in charge of creativity? What is the smallest human muscle? Take a trip inside the human body and discover the amazing systems that allow us to move, breathe, and speak. After reading about everything from the digestive tract to the cornea, kids can assemble their own plastic skeleton and view the systems of the body in a layered cardstock model. With 20 fact cards, 2 sticker sheets, and a double-sided poster, this interactive kit is a perfect primer for learning about how the human body works.


*40-page fact book
*1 plastic model skeleton (13 pieces)
*Layered cardstock model
*2 sticker sheets
*1 double-sided poster

My son loved creating this human skeleton. It was a great way for us to spent time together and to learn about the human body. This was one of those creative projects that was both super fun and very educational. With summer coming I am always looking for things to keep my kids engaged and learning over those long summer month. This is one of those project based educational projects that can be used multiple times in multiple ways. I love that there are so many components to this project. You get 40-page fact book, 1 plastic model skeleton (13 pieces), Layered cardstock model, 2 sticker sheets
and 1 double-sided poster, so the fun has really only begun because we will be doing a lot with this over the summer. This is a must have learning experience for kids of all ages!

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