Friday, April 20, 2018

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Six-year-old Bree Wilson thinks she needs a nametag to make friends on the first day of school. She worries she won't make any since the class is too busy going over rules and reading baby books to share nametags. Belly breaths and counting help Bree calm her worries until her nametag mysteriously disappears at recess and her extra one falls apart. Bree has a meltdown, but, with the help of her Gifted Instruction teacher, she learns friendships are formed with kind words and actions -not just nametags.

A great book that helps children deal with the anxieties and stresses of school, friends and allows the reader to learn ways to copes with those stresses. Bree is likable and one that kids can relate to. This book allows kids to relate to others in difficult situations. A book I highly recommend.

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