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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

MR MOMMY BOOKNERD'S REVIEW Reading for me is not my go to relaxation activity nor would I describe myself as an avid reader of novels. The Sigma Force Series however has always drawn my interest. The format of the series is known commodity and doesn’t stray from its winning formula. Winning however doesn’t always equate to dominating. I enjoyed The Seventh Plague, but it didn’t hold my interest as past Sigma Force novels.

Demon Crown dominated. Rollins tied together fascinating history of an American institution, the lost ways of the Japanese samurai, WWII, biology, geology, entomology, plus the action, suspense, and adventure that would be expected from a secret government agency charged with protecting the interest of the United States and the world.

Demon Crown captivated my attention and forced me to finish this novel. The story’s constant twist, change of scenery, nonstop action created a movie in my mind that would not turn off and had me wondering what is next. Plus, hordes of wasp, prehistoric wasp is a scary thought. Humans have an innate fear of insects and Rollins masterfully takes the first-person role as you get to see the specific thoughts of this primate creature whose soul purpose is to replicate. The imagery and symbolism is incredible and is well placed throughout the novel.
5 out of 5 and a must read

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