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Triple reviews via Blink

Blink YA Books

Blink delivers exciting literature that is a positive reflection of what is empowering and heartening to readers while  maintaining a tradition of imaginative and impactful storytelling. Each book in this line presents immersive content that engages and inspires readers, from cutting-edge plotlines to contemporary classics. Blink will deliver impactful reads that appeal to a variety of readers, while also providing books that contain no questionable materials.  Blink books bring true stories and fiction to YA readers. The literature published by Blink is a positive reflection of today¹s world and the issues teens face, providing authentic stories readers will relate to. These titles cover various genres, and will bring readers to the edge of their seat, immerse them in a heartrending love story, or engross them in a story of a life well-lived. 


doonDoon by Lorie Langdon and Carey Corp is a modren reboot of the classic Brigadoon story. Full of adventure, excitement, and a dash of romance, Doon is a huge favorite for among Gleeks and fans of "Smash." Anyone looking for an awesome new fantasy series featuring strong female heroines will love this story as well. Early buzz surrounding this book has been huge, and rave reviews are already coming in.

My thoughts:
I love when writers get what makes a good book and actually write it.  This books is one for the YA audience to read, savor and cherish...with characters that connect with the reader, twists and turns, complex story line and excitement   A great read for YA lovers of all ages.  4 stars!

9780310734970Running Lean by Diana Sharples examines the relationship between two teens- one young man grieving after the loss of a loved one in Afganistan and a young woman secretly suffering from an eating disorder. This book moves readers past the typical "boy meets girl" story of falling in love, and examines what it's like for teens dealing with being in a relationship and coping with (often serious) real-life issues.

My thoughts:
This is book YA...emotional, driven and honest.  The story is one that will reamin with you,  You, at any age, can relate to the love, heartache and real life circumstances. 3.5 stars


9780310731825Aquifer immerses readers to a new dystopian society where all of the power lies with the group controlling what's left of the planet's water source. Much more than an exciting, sci-fi/ fantasy story, this novel depicts a world in which the expression of emotion in relaxed ways had been outlawed for so long, that has become the norm. Relationships, innuendoes, humor no longer have a place, and only one boy still has the ability to express emotions freely. It is a masterfully constructed mirror-image of the life of children and adults who are on the autism spectrum, and it is profoundly eye-opening. The author, Jonathan Friesen, has been diagnosed with Tourette's, epilepsy, and O/CD. He spent many years as a special education teacher, and now devotes his time to writing novels that highlight diversity and feature characters who have been in some way alienated.

My thoughts:
An interesting and original story set in a dystopian world.   There are twists and turns, some predictable, some not.  I found it to be interesting and worth reading.  3 stars.


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