Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: The Mole Sisters and the Cool Breeze by Roslyn Schwartz

Cute and curious the mole sisters created smiles for me and my boys.  The illustrations are adorable and the story fun, I look forward to going on more adventures with these funny little moles!!!  (4 stars)


It is a very hot day and the Mole Sisters need a nice cool breeze. They start to fan themselves. Then a dandelion pipes up that he's hot too! Soon all the other dandelions want to be fanned as well. Now the Mole Sisters are covered in dandelion fluff ... until a nice cool breeze comes along. "It's just what we needed." Swoosh, swoosh. "A nice cool breeze!"

Roslyn Schwartz has lived in many places, including London, Paris, and San Francisco; she currently resides in Montreal, Quebec. Roslyn is the author and illustrator of many children's books, including the popular Mole Sisters series, of which Publishers Weekly says, "Schwartz strikes just the right note of preschool humor with the resourceful and relentlessly optimistic mole sisters..." She has also worked on animated films.

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