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My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This book is adorable. The story captures the fun of losing a tooth, pranks, chaos and finally conclusion. This story is delight from the front dust jacket, to the beautiful illustrations to the original and fantastically create (mischievous) story....this book has it all! Kids will find it hilarious and parents will have lots to talk to their kids about. A fun and a bit sassy HOW TO TRICK THE TOOTH FAIRY is sure to be a hit.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ You couldn't really blame the party for what happened, although later Lauren wished she hadn't organized such an elaborate affair.

This books was well drawn out and plotted. It was a heartwarming read with characters who all had their own stories, but each story blended together well and created a dynamic novel. A novel that was one I will remember for a long time. I loved how much heart was within the book. I adored the setting and how secret, although hard to keep hidden, can come to change everything...sometimes in a good way. A great read for those final days of summer.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

With the unrest within the political setting this book allows parents to have a discussion about how walls impacts people and relationships. When is comes to people, walls can be very damaging and therefore, they need to come down. We need to teach children about how important it is to be kinds, inclusive and welcoming to others. A great book for parents to read to children to help explain the state of the world.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
An adorable story about how an idea turns into team work at its best. That there sometimes needs to be a lot of ideas and a lot of caring and sharing to make something yummy! With the cutest illustrations and a story that can help children understand contributing ideas, being part of a team and understanding processes. A great book for your home or classroom!



Time for Bed, Miyuki by Roxane Marie Galliez
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A story that embraces imagination, patience, family, love of nature, and the joy of being young. I loved how dynamic Miyuki's imagination is, how her ideas take root and take the reader on an adventure with her. With darling illustrations that create such a wonderful dreamy world. Kids will love reading this book before bed. A delight!

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Absolute Expert: Soccer by Eric Zweig and featuring in-the-field expert Mark Geiger, a Major League Soccer and Olympic referee (and one of only two U.S. referees officiating at this year's World Cup) — Covering sports history, the latest gear, facts about little-known regulations, high profile athletes and so much more, this title has it all.  Professional ref Mark Geiger shares his personal stories of what it’s like working the Olympic games and the World Cup, how to train to be a professional referee and the importance of good sportsmanship.  Throughout this year’s World Cup, Mark has had to pull the yellow and red card quite a bit — and his explanation of how and when he uses them is fantastic.  Fresh off the World Cup and heading into soccer season, this title is extremely timely. Mark Geiger, just back from refereeing the World Cup, is available for interview.

Absolute Expert: Dolphins by Jennifer Swanson and featuring in-the-field expert Justine Jackson-Ricketts, a National Geographic Explorer and marine biologist  — Comprehensive coverage of all things dolphin, including all the different species, a nose-to-tail look at these amazing mammals, their habitat and behavior, how to study them, career opportunities in the field, and the importance of conservation efforts.  Justine, who studies rare Irrawaddy dolphins in the Gulf of Thailand, acts your guide as she shares with the reader the work she is doing to save this species of dolphins whose numbers are dwindling.  Justine Jackson-Ricketts is available for interview.

Absolute Expert: Volcanoes by Lela Nargi and featuring in-the-field expert Arianna Soldati, a National Geographic Explorer and Volcanologist — The ongoing eruption of Kilauea has brought volcanoes —  the science behind them, their combustible beauty and the massive damage they cause — back into the headlines.  This timely title contains the latest information on all types of volcanoes around the world, which ones are in danger of erupting and what it takes to get up close to study the science behind the eruptions. Arianna has done field work all over the globe and acts as the reader’s guide to these combustible natural wonders.  

Absolute Expert: Dinosaurs by Lela Nargi and featuring in-the-field expert Dr. Steve Brusatte, a National Geographic Explorer and Paleontologist - Dr. Brusatte has named more than 15 new species, traveled the world searching for dinos and is particularly interested in the origin and evolution of dinosaurs.  Throughout this book Steve shares his stories, adventures, discoveries and insights about his life as a paleontologist and the amazing dinosaurs that he studies.  Every page contains rich details and drills down into all aspects of dinosaurs —  different species, how they evolved, their behaviors, fossil science and so much more. 

This entire series is ABSOLUTELY amazing! You want to become an "absolute expert" in the topics of dinosaurs, dolphins, volcanoes and soccer? Then these are the books for you. In true National Geographic Kids fashion these books are filled to the brim with facts, tidbits, pictures, illustrations as well as tips, tricks and little known facts from experts in the field. Kids, and parents alike, are going to get lost in these books and want to learn all there is to know on each of these fascinating topics. I loved learning along with my boys and getting to become an "expert" on these cool and interesting things. I find that now I know more and want to continue to learn about each of these topics. These books are perfect for your home library or your child's classroom. 

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was so excited to get this brand new edition of this amazing series. My kids were totally pumped too! There is so much to love about this book...the pictures, 1,200 stories from all over the world and so much more. I love the ALL TRUE facts, features and pictures. I find is completely fascinating. I have been looking over this book and reading all sorts of tidbits. I love that you can read it cover to cover or, like I am doing now, bit by bit. There is something for everyone in this book! A must for your home library or for you school classroom!

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This book is perfectly titled. This book highlights the bitter and sweet moments of a move. I love that it allows dialogue for children to express their bitterness. I love that it allows a child to express it, knowing that bitterness is a normal emotion that needs to be worked through. But after the bitterness passes, sweetness can come in new and unexpected ways. A story that can help bridge a conversation for families facing a move.


When Hannah’s family has to move, her grandmother tells her how she felt leaving the old country — it was both bitter and sweet. As Hannah leaves her friends behind and tries to get used to a new house, she only feels bitterness. Was her grandmother wrong about the sweetness? Hannah starts to feel better about the move when she sees her new house in the soft light of the Shabbat candles. When a new friend reaches out with a special gift, Hannah realizes that sweetness can come from unexpected places and she finally feels ready to look for the sweet again. 


Author of the acclaimed, The Moon Inside, and the popular Daisy series of children’s books, Sandra’s books address universal themes and help children feel empowered through stories that are specific, characters that are genuine, and deeper meanings that are revealed slowly and beautifully. 

Sandra has been a volunteer in her children’s schools, in a library, and is a founding team member of a new high school. Sandra, who has worked with children of all ages and their parents, has seen many children struggle with change and hopes her story will help young readers accept change, so that they  are better able to cope with the bitter and embrace the sweet. You can find more information about Sandra at:


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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is so important to have at schools. I intend to bring it to my boys school, so the teachers can share it in the nut-free classrooms. I love how the story was written in a sign-song fashion, so it will certainly lend itself well in the classroom setting as a read aloud. The illustrations are also bright and cheerful. Kids will better understand nut allergies and how important it is to be be kind to those that may be a bit different than you. Plus, it highlights how special those early friendships are. A delight of a read.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ I've only ever turned one person to gold, and that was an accident.

I loved this new and interesting retelling on the story of King Midas. I loved that there was so much to escape into within the pages of this book. I adored the characters, the adventure and the magical aspects. There was suspense, drama and so much more!

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ She saw the portrait quite by chance, or so she thought.

A fantastic mystery seeped in history The Phantom Tree is one not to be missed. There is such a dynamic story within the pages and characters that are compelling. I loved the timeline and how events unfolded. There was a richness in story. I could very easily see this book becoming a limited episode TV series. Fans of historical fiction are going to love being lost in this page turning mystery.

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One summer, two sisters and a chance to start over…
Before the burglary that shattered her confidence, Phoenix Rose had a fiancĂ©, a successful store and a busy, happy existence. After months spent adrift, she takes a job at the lakeside resort of Cooper’s Charm. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, friendly colleagues and a charismatic, widowed boss, Phoenix is slowly inching her way back into the world.
Visiting Cooper’s Charm to check up on her little sister, Ridley Rose impulsively agrees to fill in as housekeeper. Still reeling from an ego-bruising divorce, she finds satisfaction in a job well done—and in the attention of the resort’s handsome scuba instructor.
For Phoenix and Ridley, Cooper’s Charm is supposed to be merely temporary. But this detour may lead to the place they most need to be, where the future is as satisfying as it is surprising…
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cooper's Charm (Love at the Resort, #1)
#FirstLine ~ The shone brightly on that early mid-May morning.

I love Foster's books because she writes books that touch your heart and leave a lasting impression. I loved Cooper's Charm because the setting was spot on, the characters were ones I could relate to and the story was well written and plotted. Foster never disappoints and I am so super excited that I am getting to enjoy a whole new series by this very gifted writer. I cannot wait to see what happens as this series progresses. The bar has been set high by this hit, so I know the books that follow will also be fantastic! You do not want to pass this book up! It is wonderful from start to finish. It has romance, action and some heat....a must for summer!

Help Lori’s Charity
HQN is also running an amazing pre-order campaign for Lori – where proceeds from her sales will be donated to Lori’s preferred charity the Animal Adoption Foundation. If you want to help publicize that, you’ll be helping animals too!  They’re trying to reach their maximum donation of $5000.00!

LORI FOSTER is a New York TimesUSA TODAY and Publishers Weekly bestselling author with books from a variety of publishers, including Berkley/Jove, Kensington, St. Martin’s, and most recently Harlequin. Lori has been a recipient of the prestigious RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award for Series Romantic Fantasy, and for Contemporary Romance. For more about Lori, visit her website at
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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

#FirstLine ~ PROLOGUE Ever wonder why we do what we do?

Honest, raw and wonderfully told Leaving You For Me is a genuinely thoughtful story about what happens behind closed doors and how finding the courage to leave can be the start of finding yourself. This story was honest and was not afraid to show the tough stuff, the really hard parts of life. The story then followed through by sharing the rest of the journey with the reader. You got the full story and it was a really great one.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars 

Conjuring Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s TaleBEFORE SHE SLEEPS: A Novel (Delphinium Books/distributed by HarperCollins; August 7, 2018) by internationally renowned author Bina Shah, takes the parable of women selected for breeding to a terrifying new level. In this dystopian thriller, women in the Middle East and South Asia have had their numbers drastically reduced by war, gender selection and disease making the ratio of women to men alarmingly low. The consequence is that women must take multiple husbands in order to produce more female children.
But not all women agree to submit. A female collective in Green City live in a dark underworld known as the Panah, emerging only at night to provide a commodity that nobody can buy: intimate, non-sexual companionship. But not even the most influential men of Green City can shield the women of the Panah from discovery and the dangers of ruthless punishment.

BEFORE SHE SLEEPS, written by one of Pakistan’s most talented writers, takes the patriarchal practices of female seclusion and veiling, gender selection and control over women’s bodies, and amplifies and distorts them in a truly terrifying way to envision a world of post-religious authoritarianism over women’s lives.

BINA SHAH is an author of English fiction and a journalist living in Karachi, Pakistan. She is the author of four novels and two collections of short stories includingSlum Child, which was a bestseller in Italy. A regular contributor to the International New York Timesshe is a provocative and bold commentator for the international press on Pakistan’s society, culture and women’s rights. Her most recent novel, A Season for Martyrs, originally published by Delphinium in 2014, was published in France and India in 2016. She is a graduate of Wellesley College, the Harvard Graduate School of Education and an alumna of the International Writers Program at the University of Iowa.

By Bina Shah
Delphinium Books/distributed by Harper Collins; August 7, 2018
$25 US/$30 CAN; 256 pages
ISBN 978-1-88328576-0

#FirstLine ~ Sabine: I make it a rule to always leave the Client's house in the darkest part of the morning, the half hour before dawn, when the night's at its thickest and the Agency Officers are at their slowest.

I enjoyed this powerful novel that takes you out of your comfort zone and propels you into a thoughtful and thought provoking story that draws on themes that will resonates with readers. You cannot help but be drawn into this new world, this new reality. This novel turns you upside down and causes you to think, really think, about what you would do if this situation would occur in today's time. You cannot help but be moved to have strong thoughts about the themes in this story. A great book for book clubs and one you will want to talk to others about.

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