Friday, October 12, 2012

Review: Life Drawing For Beginners by Roisin Meaney

There are fun stories that come to us, that inspires us and LIFE DRAWINGS FOR BEGINNERS is one the those books.  There are elements of love, friendship, art and a sense that things may not always be as they appear wrapped into this novel.

Many diverse characters come together in an evening drawing class that Audrey Matthews decides to run to fill a hole she has in her life.  When she sits at the registration table waiting to see if the class will fill she slowly meets several very different people, who all come to sign up for the class.  All of the students and the model she hires have a story and bring such amazing elements to the novel.  Their lives intersect in the class, but they all have a back story that is also very interesting.  This novel is quickly paced and who knows it may inspire you to explore art yourself!  I rate it 3.5 stars.     

Book Description
August 14, 2012
From the author of Semi-Sweet comes a delightful new novel about the art of friendship, love, and (still) life.

When Audrey Matthews offers an evening class in life drawing, all she's looking for is a little extra pocket money and something to fill her Tuesday nights. So she hires a model and recruits five students - each of whom have their own reason for being there. For Zarek, a Polish immigrant, the class is a welcome distraction and a place to escape his dull cafe job and noisy roommate. Then there's the handsome, mysterious James who has moved to the small town of Carrickbawn looking for a new start for himself and his daughter. He's vowed to keep to himself, but then his interest in Jackie, the class model and single mom, takes a more personal turn. While Audrey has just fallen in love -- with the adorable puppy in the window of the local pet shop. Will she be put off by the store's brusque owner or does she find out that his bark is worse than his bite? As the weeks pass, it becomes clear to the members of the drawing class that their fellow students aren't exactly who they seem... 

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