Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: Edgewood: (Edgewood Series) (Volume 1) by Karen McQuestion

It is official Karen McQuestion has earned herself a spot in my Favorite Authors List (see the section on the side of my blog). When Karen came to MMBBR's for a showcase, I knew that she was quite talented, but at that point I had not read her books (yet). I dove into The Long Way Home shortly after she visited us here, and I fell in love.  Karen writes so beautifully; great characters, great setting, great dialogue...the whole package.   So I was thinking, authors can't hit it out of of the park all the time can they?  

Well yes.  I then read Easily Amused  and also really enjoyed that as well.  I was thinking this Karen can really write.  So when I saw that she was stepping away from her woman's lit type of stuff and that she wrote a YA paranormal novel I thought "I need to read this".  I was so blown away by Karen's ability to get me engrossed in yet another great novel.

Edgewood takes place in small town Wisconsin, in a town named Edgewood.  Russ Becker witnesses an event that subsequently changes the path of his life.  Edgewood has an amazing cast of characters, a story that is original, engrossing, funny, interesting and fun to read.  It has danger, a bit of mystery and twists and turns that keep you burning thorough the book.  I am so beyond excited that this is a series.  Paranormal books are such a great escape from the day to day grind and who knows, maybe we all have secret magical abilities that we have yet to discover.....

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  1. Thank so much, Em, for the thoughtful review. I'm so thrilled you enjoyed EDGEWOOD!


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