Thursday, April 6, 2017

#WhoIsLilly? @HarperImpulse

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To download the first chapters of The Big Little Wedding in Carlton Square, simply Click on whichever eBook format works best for you, and save the file that comes up. You can then upload it/send it to your reading device.

For your Kindle: (Click Download and then save file)
For your iPad, Kobo or Nook: (Click Download and then save file)

... And see if you can guess who the real Lilly Bartlett is
At the end of the sample chapters you'll be able to register your guess about which author is the real Lilly Bartlett. AND you'll be automatically entered to Win a Fantastic Prize... A gorgeous pair of pink glitter geode stud earrings, plus a signed copy of Lilly's second book - The Second Chance Cafe in Carlton Square - before it's published, PLUS a £15 gift card to Lush for UK residents or a $15 Amazon gift voucher for US residents.

Don't miss the reveal on April 7th - follow on social media
HarperCollins will unmask the real Lilly Bartlett on publication day, and will be posting hints to help you guess, so be sure you're following on Twitter (
@HarperImpulse) and Facebook ( so you don't miss a thing.

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