Sunday, April 30, 2017

#MMBBR #Review CARTOZIA TALES 1-4 @Cartozia

SERIES REVIEW:  These comics are amazing.  There is adventure, great characters and a very creative world the readers get to escape into.  I loved the mix between the black and white and color drawings.  I have never read comics and I feel like these are so fun to read.  It is a fun and interactive reading experience.  There is adventure, humor and such depth in creativity which really captured my attention!  My boys are planning on reading these this summer and I cannot wait to see how I can incorporate writing and drawing prompts to go with the comics.  If you want to be introduced to comic these are amazing and if you are already a comics fan you will get lost in these comics.  


Our first issue, revised and expanded: 52 pages, featuring stories by all seven core cartoonists, plus a couple of really charming stories by our guests Jon Lewis and Dylan Horrocks. The first issue also features a full-color map of Cartozia, some short pieces about mapmaking (which you can preview here on the website), and a variety of one-page stories, pin-ups, and activities designed by an amazing roster of indie-comics fans and guests.
The cartoonists who joined us for this reprint edition, to make Cartozia just that much more fun: Graham Annable, Zander Cannon, Tom Kaczynski, Roger Langridge, Caitlin Lehman, Dylan Meconis, Chris Schweizer, and Spike Trotman. 

Our second issue has 40 pages of internal material, including color-and-cut clothes for a pair of glossy cardstock paper dolls (Reshii and Sylvia) that ship with every issue. Our guests in this issue, James Kochalka and Adam Koford, introduce us to new characters and at least one location (the Observatory) that will be important in later issues. Plus: mask bears, Upside-Town, Smithereens, and a drawing by Eric Orchard.


Our third issue is 44 pages, including stories by our guests Evan Dahm (who introduces us to the forgotten country of Oublia) and Kevin Cannon (who takes Taco and Wick onto a ship filled with Thimble Pirates) — plus a maze-map of the China Labyrinth, a text-maze about the Two Old Men of Kwantafapayo, and one-page guest strips by Carol Lay, Caitlin Lehman, and Victoria Grace Elliott.

Our fourth issue has 44 page of stories, including pieces by Jon Chad (who shows us what happens when a Derk picks up an enchanted spoon) and Chris Wright (who takes us into the weird adventurous past of Cyrus and Zin). Plus: snowmen, secrets, sea serpents, and heron-riders in the Shrinking Swamp.


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