Sunday, April 30, 2017

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125 Pet Rescues, From Pound to Palace: Homeless Pets Made Happy (ages 8-12, $12.99) is a collection of laugh-out-loud and heartwarming stories of animals in need who went on to become pampered pets. Just like the pit bulls featured on pages 16 & 17, though, don’t judge this book by its cover. The 125 vignettes of pets that have been rescued provides eye-opening insight into the power of compassion and kindness and  the amazingly positive impact that rescuing a dog, cat, pig, horse or even a goat can have on the humans that open their hearts and their homes to them.  125 Pet Rescues has been created in cooperation with the Best Friends Animal Society whose mission is to bring about a time when there are no more homeless pets.  Featuring a forward by Best Friends CEO Gregory Castle and tips and advice from animal rescue experts, kids can learn how they can make a difference and become a rescue ambassador.

MY REVIEW:  This book is pure love.  I just went to the local shelter yesterday to pet dogs, so reading a book about how dogs and pets from shelters get a loving home made my heart swell with love.  In this book you will get to read about 125 pet rescues, with large colorful pictures and inspiration galore.  You will be smiling ear-to-ear from the start to finish and then you will turn back to page one and start again.  Plus, there are animals facts with the humorous and heartwarming stories that will melt your heart.  Knowing that all these abandoned animals got a second change and found their forever home, will make your heart smile for hours, days and weeks after you finish!!!  A new favorite of our whole family!!!!

Cat Tales:  True Stories of Kindness and Companionship with Kitties (all ages, $12.99) features cats from around the world, each one with an amazing story to tell about their compassion, ingenuity and bravery. “Ask an Expert” sections throughout the book offer insight into understanding the curious world of cat behavior, ways to keep your favorite feline happy both mentally and physically and even the trick to taking great cat photos (because the internet does not have nearly enough!:)). And are you curious as to why we love those cute cat videos? Page 57 explains the science behind the obsession.

MY REVIEW:  If you love cats this book is for you.  Any curiosity questions you have about cats will be answered here.  From birth to death, the life of a cat is fascinating.   From how they track, to how they find there way around to how they bond with their owners this book is jam packed with just "fur" fun facts, pictures and stories of love, dedication and inspiration.  I was completely engaged while reading about all 23 cats featured in this book.  A delight for any cat lover!!!!


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