Friday, February 21, 2014

Highlight: Dare 2 Change by Omar A. Jarvis


If you could achieve success without change, within your current life, you'd already be successful wouldn't you? People often want something for nothing. They want to work for a year, and be rich for a lifetime, diet for a month, and be skinny for years, work hard for a season, and become CEO. But the path to success...requires a life style change!

Dare 2 Change is a philosophy for implementing positive change into your life and preparing yourself for a breakthrough to success using documented proven methods and strategies from top psychologist and therapist. Proven techniques and philosophy in small bite size chunks with easy to follow steps, tips, including quizzes and necessary self-assessment activities to help navigate you through the process of change. There are two things that motivate people to make dramatic changes in their lives; inspiration and desperation. 

Dare 2 Change is a book with a message. A message that is inspirational, motivational, and encouraging. In such a way that it leads the reader to see that change is imperative and success is possible; that one can overcome and use adversity as building blocks in life. Tips derived from life experiences and presented in a way that is engaging, uplifting and educational for all in ages particularly for young adults.

Omar A. JarvisOmar Jarvis is a motivational speaker, a commendable substance abuse counselor, founder of Divine Inspirational Motivation, a website that motivates many on a daily basis and author of Dare 2 Change and Dare 2 Succeed (coming soon). He is also a creditable member of Toastmasters International and enjoys speaking to others to inspire.

Along with facing family, social, and economic struggles at age 17, Omar was expelled from school and sent to Job Corps where he also was also discharged due to his reckless behavior.He found himself back home to the streets dealing drugs, using drugs, and a few jail sentences in which a felony conviction caused a breakthrough.

Through reading every thing he could get his hands on and self education, Omar some made drastic changes in his life for the better. He learned some techniques and strategies that he eagerly shared with family and friends. During his progression he was still faced with adversities but learned to use it as stepping blocks instead of defeat. He lost his mother to cancer, all 3 of his aunts, one uncle, a brother to the penitentiary.

Understanding the struggles of the streets, Omar soon found his purpose and went to school at Argus Community (ACT-I) to receive his credentials as a Alcohol Substance Abuse Counselor. He has recently began attending The Berry Bible Institute after restoring his relationship with GOD. Omar enjoys to speaks with both the general youth and at risk youth, motivating them, teaching them that they are back bone to our nation. That they can change the future of this society with their well being and courageous minds. Omar acknowledges that as adults and role models we must get control of this. We must motivate and inspire our youth with positivity. We must teach them responsibility, goal setting and and spark their minds to be career driven.

Omar Jarvis was born and raised in Pamlico County, North Carolina but resides in Bronx, New York where he continues to works as Alcohol Substance Abuse Counselor, responsible for providing confidential addictions counselling, education and support to individuals, families and the community and for promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy choices.

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