Thursday, May 4, 2017

#MMBBR #Review From Mother to Daughter: Advice and Lessons for a Good Life by Sherry Conway Appel


When Sherry Appel asked hundreds of women to recall the most memorable and valuable words their mothers had told them, there came an outpouring of things practical and indispensable, some familiar and many surprising.
From Mother to Daughter celebrates the special relationship between mothers and daughters and captures the wisdom and common sense that comes from many lifetimes of experience. It is a gift that no one can give without remembering something her own mother said. Advice like: “If you don’t love it in the store you’ll never wear it;” “Make friends with people who encourage and inspire you;” and “When you fall, pick up something while you’re down there!”

I am a sucker for anything sentimental when it comes to gift giving. It is known in my family that I strive for happy tears when the wrapping comes off and the gift giver see the gift. FROM MOTHER TO DAUGHTER: Advice and Lessons for a Good Life is a perfect gift for Mother's Day and it is sure to bring many happy tears to both mother and daughter. Mother's Day is about becoming a mother and this book is a perfect gift for a mother to give to her daughter to make it special for both.  It is also good for any other reason you want to celebrate your daughter, as well.  There are so many great pages of great advice within this book.  You can allow the book to say the things that may be hard to say or the things that are hard to articulate. You can make notes on the pages or write your own notes of thanks or advice within the text or on blank pages provided, which allows you to personalize it even further.  Plus, you get to sign the front cover to make it special for your daughter.  I love that there are vintage black and white drawings to accompany the advice and wisdom. It is an amazing gift that any daughter would love. 

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