Thursday, May 25, 2017

#MMBBR #Review Emily's Tiger by Miriam Latimer @BarefootBooks

Watch out Emily is off and running again! This little girl has a problem with her temper, and every time she gets angry she turns intoquite the little tiger. Then grandma comes to stay and she knows athing or two about tigers and tempers!

Bright and colorful, this book is a one that kids will certainly enjoy and be able to relate to.  Kids can often get mad and the their anger can get the best of them.  This book follows Emily as she interacts with others.  You are witness to her angry outbursts and you see how chaos then ensues.  When Granny comes along she shows her other ways to deal  with and negotiate her feelings.  Eventually asking her a very important question:  Happy tiger or angry tiger?   Read the book to see what Emily decides.  A fun read that allows a parent or caretaker to open dialogue about anger and temper tantrums in addition to healthy ways to cope with these angry feelings.

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