Tuesday, September 13, 2016

#MMBBR #Review Princess Rayna Rescues Leo: The Adventures of Princess Rayna by Elissa Briskin Greenberg

Princess Rayna was famous for always getting into trouble! But behind the walls of a remote castle lurked a new and mysterious danger. What secrets did that castle hold?
Was that a witch she saw riding away?
Was someone in trouble?
As she set off with her horse, Snowy, on her greatest adventure yet, she thought-
It's a good thing I brought my magic ruby, just in case.....
Elissa Briskin Greenberg was born in Montreal and lives with her husband in South Florida. They have two grown daughters.
The story of Princess Rayna first took shape years ago when Elissa suggested that her daughter write about a heroine rather than a hero for a school assignment.
Young girls can be just as independent, resourceful, and intelligent as boys, and by showing a true heroine in action Elissa wanted to help all girls realize their potential. After all, a hero-or a heroine-can do anything she wants!
And with a touch of magic she can be even more than she realizes...
Perry Waterworth is a freelance illustrator, 3D artist, and graphic designer. After graduating from Full Sail University with a B.S. in Computer Animation, he taught film and was Artist in Residence at the A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Perry currently resides on the sunny coast of South Florida, where he illustrates children's books and does freelance illustration. When he is not drawing, he is watching basketball, cooking, and trying not to get on the bad side of cranky witches.

This book is one of those books that makes you so very happy to have had the pleasure to read it.  This story helps to send the right kinds of messages to our young girls.  It was a delight from the well plotted story to the lovely illustrations this book it will be a hit for any who have the chance to read it.

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