Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#MMBBR #Highlight The Dragon Under the Mountain by Holly Kerr

The Dragon Under the Mountain by [Kerr, Holly]

"We're going to get in so much trouble..."

No one will admit to coming up with the idea to hide out at Wonderland amusement park after it closed, but Emma, Matt, Macy and their friends Kass and Dash all agree to it. It starts out fun and a little spooky with the approaching lunar eclipse only adding to the excitement.

But it's not until they find their way into the Guardian Under the Mountain ride that the adventure really begins. But the ride is closed so why are there others in the mountain? Others not from this world. A wizard, a warrior...a faerie? Why are they in the mountain? Where did they come from? And why do Emma and the others suddenly have strange, new powers?

And then there's the dragon...

Getting in trouble is the least of their problems.

An image posted by the author.Holly Kerr writes chick-lit with a twist. No broody men, no obsessions with shoes, just fun stories about strong women going after what they want. 

Her books include Coming Home, Unexpecting and Absinthe Doesn't Make the Heart Grow Fonder and her latest, The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd. A sequel to Charlotte, The Best Worst First Date, will be out in early 2017. Holly also has a MG novel, The Dragon Under the Mountain available and is working on a sequel, The Dragon Under the Dome.

If you require more information about Holly and her books (and she really hope you do because that was her whole reason for setting up this page!) feel free to visit her website 
or follow her Blog. At times she discusses the craft of writing but usually she muses about her life and what's she reading, writing or watching. Following her blog would be a great way to make Holly happy.

Holly hopes you enjoy her books and she welcomes a chance to interact with her fans, but not in any creepy way. A simple comment "Hey, I really like/don't like..." would be a lovely way to begin a conversation.

Happy Reading

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