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I Like to Read® Books:

NOTE:  About the Series

I Like to Read® books are picture books written and illustrated so that even the newest reader can enjoy a satisfying, quality literary experience. The books in the series are written at kindergarten and early first grade reading levels.

"These books deftly combine text and art to create a positive experience for new readers."—School Library Journal

"This series dares to make entertaining reads from short texts and familiar vocabulary"—Kirkus Reviews

"Each one makes the hard world of learning to read enough fun to encourage children at this critical developmental moment to try another one."—Vicky Smith, Children's and YA Editor at Kirkus Reviews

In this third book about Pete, he can't stop thinking about the new girl in his class even though the other kids are teasing him.
When Bunny joins Miss Pooch's class, Pete can't stop staring at her. He thinks about Bunny all the time even when he's eating dinner and when he's brushing his teeth.
But when Pete sits next to Bunny on the school bus, the other kids all shout, Pete likes Bunny! Pete likes Bunny! At home, a dejected Pete confides in Mom, who thoughtfully suggests that Pete give Bunny flowers.
As in the first two Pete books, Pete Won t Eat and Pete Makes a Mistake, Emily Arnold McCully portrays profound emotions and important relationships especially between parent and child through simple text and eloquent body language and facial expressions.

This book is very sweet.  Kids can be mean to each other and tease.  It is our job, as parents, to help our kids sort out their emotions.  Pete lets his Mom know what is going on in school with his new friend bunny and the issues gets sorted.  It is a sweet story that captures the emotions of first friendships or sweet crushes and how to handle teasing from others.  Simple in text, but big in heart.

Pura Belpre honor recipient, Joe Cepeda, brings magical realism for the beginning reader!
Two brothers are asleep in their bed when a pinwheel flies through the window and into the hand of the younger boy. He stands in front of the window, and soon he s flying through the sky where he sees a chicken, a sheep, a cow and a pig. The wind carries the animals back to their farm and the boy back to his home, where he passes the pinwheel along to his brother.
The very newest readers will enjoy the fun fantasy and energetic artwork as they read this satisfying story with twelve simple words."

Who would think that twelve simple words could create such a wonderful story? UP captures your imagination through the the gorgeous illustrations and simple text as a young boy is taken to the sky by a magic pinwheel.  It is such a delightful and wondrous adventure in the sky, that is sure to entertain children and kids alike.

Theodor Seuss Geisel Award-winner Ethan Long uses his trademark wit and energy to make this simple story for the newest readers memorable and hilarious.
Yap, yap, yap! Pug sees Peg through the window. He wants to join her! Why won t anyone take him on a wonderful snowy walk? Mom is just too comfortable in her recliner. Dad is tired from shoveling. That leaves lazy Tad, who is still sleeping. Yap, yap, yap! insists a determined and clever Pug.

Pug spends some time yapping away throughout the house trying to rouse his family so he can go and play with his dog friend Peg.  After some time and persistence, Pug gets to enjoy the wintry wonderland.  A story that dog lovers will adore, as the pictures really capture Pugs sheer determination.  A sweet story for early readers.


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