Thursday, May 14, 2015

Highlight: Grizzly Trade by Dale Brandenburger


GRIZZLY TRADE is a novel set in Alaska that goes beyond the old Jack London themes. Sliding seamlessly between pathos and humor, GRIZZLY TRADE is a raucous romp through the Alaskan wilderness.

A taciturn Vietnam vet named Red just wants to be left alone in his Alaskan retreat, but when he starts to find dead bears in the forest with their paws hacked off, he is forced to wage war once more, and this time he intends to win. Tim Branson is a gregarious small-town reporter, looking for a news story that sizzles.  Despite their differences, Red and Branson are forced to become allies when a methamphetamine addict and an unemployed lumberjack start selling bear gallbladders and paws on the Asian aphrodisiac market.

While trying to track down the poachers, Red and Branson discover toxic chemicals dumped on the pristine salmon fishing grounds.  Accusations fly and the entire town takes sides.  Tim’s job and Red’s sanity are at stake as they try to find the connection between the bear killings and the environmental disaster.

“Written in the vein of Carl Hiassen and Elmore Leonard, every page bristles with the perfect blend of tension and hilarity…You’ll stay with it - the writing is that good.”
Dan Henry, author of ACROSS THE SHAMAN’S RIVER

“…colorful characters…inspired by Brandenburger’s experiences and news events in Alaska.”  
Shannon Haugland, Associated Press

“Be prepared to laugh out loud…to get angry…to root for an underdog, to feel the hot breath of a giant brown bear wafting off the pages.” 
 Brett Dillingham, author of  RAVEN DAY

“…a knack for storytelling…GRIZZLY TRADE is a fun read.”
Robert Woolsey. KCAW Raven Radio
Dale BrandenburgerDale Brandenburger moved to Alaska in 1982, hoping to have some adventures he could write about. He started working for the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game in 1984 and, 30 years later, now has enough material to fill ten volumes. A fisheries biologist by day and novelist by night, Brandenburger draws on actual incidents and people he has experienced over the years and composes fast-paced stories with well–developed characters, brimming with humor, as well as pathos.
He resides in Juneau, Alaska, with his wife, Lu, and his two dogs, Sparky and Pepper.

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