Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blog Tour: Wishful Thinking by Kamy Wicoff

SheWrites.com Co-founder Kamy Wicoff releases her debut novel, Wishful Thinking. This modern-day fairytale story is about a divorced mother of two who discovers a nifty time-travel app that allows her to be in two places at once. We would love to send you a copy of this heartwarming romantic comedy.

About the book: Jennifer Sharpe has problems just about any working parent can relate to: her boss expects her to work as though she doesn’t have children, and her children want her to care for them as though she doesn’t have a boss. But when Jennifer suddenly finds herself in possession of a miraculous time travel app called Wishful Thinking, she thinks she may have found the solution. 

With the app, Jennifer goes quickly from zero to hero in every part of her life: she is super worker, the last to leave her office every night; she is super mom, the first to arrive at pickup every afternoon; and she even becomes super girlfriend, dating a musician who thinks she has unlimited child care and a flexible job. But Jennifer soon finds herself facing questions that adding more hours to her day can’t answer. Why does she feel busier and more harried than ever? And when choosing to be with your children, at work, or with your partner doesn’t involve sacrifice, do those choices lose their meaning? 

What a wonderful story...such fun!!!  Who wouldn't want a magical app to make life easier, but is that really what we need?  Is is really the answer???  Could we accomplish the same amazing things without it?  WISHFUL THINKING allows the reader to a jump into the world of what-if.  But along with the delightful story there is also depth and contemplation.  There are questions to ponder within this read: how we live our limited time we are given, how we prioritize time and what it really means to "have it all"...  read the book to find out how is all shakes out...   4 delightful stars

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