Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Highlight: Returning Home (The War for Eden) [Kindle Edition] Molli Fields

Madison remembers nothing of her life before the age of ten, including her parents. She has had a good life, being raised by the elderly Miss Allie, but never quite fit in. There was something missing. 

A week before her eighteenth birthday she is rescued by Parker, a mysterious boy that claims Madison is not from the human world. He tells her of her mythological homeland, Eden, and he informs her that her sister has been taken into captivity and hidden in the Underworld. 

Evil threatens to destroy her home forever, and Madison must quickly understand and accept this new world and her heritage. She learns to trust old friends and is threatened by new ones. She must travel a dangerous path and come up against creatures she thought only lived in legends. She must reach within, and channel her own power to help save her baby sister from the Leader of the Underworld before it's too late. 

The only question is, can her soul survive the journey? 

Image of Molli FieldsMolli Fields is a California girl born and raised. Outside of writing, her favorite things to do are be with her family, paint, play addicting and pointless video games, look up any random thing she thinks about on Google, and you guessed it--read anything she can get her hands on.

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