Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Highhlight: Eleanor Roosevelt's Life of Soul Searching and Self-Discovery by Ann Atkins


Transforming the power in Eleanor's story to your story starts now. Whatever the scale of your rendezvous with destiny, the fact remains it is up to you to live it. Eleanor's story is a do-it-yourself guide that shows us how to accomplish many things. From a childhood plagued with drunks and drama queens, Eleanor must now discard her dependency on Franklin and face off with her grand dame mother-in-law. Refusing to cave in to society's rules, Eleanor's exuberant style, wavering voice, and lack of Hollywood beauty are fodder for the media. First Lady for thirteen years, Eleanor redefines and exploits this role to a position of power. Using her influence, she champions Jews, African Americans, and women. The audacity of this woman to live out her own destiny challenges us to do the same. After all, it's not about Eleanor. Her story is history. Her life shows us how to live.

A review by author Bob Cherney at LL Book Review says it all:
Ann Atkins’ prose is literate, and yet easy to read, with an understanding of which issues that were as topical when Eleanor dealt with them as they are today. It is this ability to make one of the greatest women in American history as contemporary as any woman on today’s political scene that gives the book its greatest power.

The book details:
Page Count: 176
Photos: 42
Bibliography: yes
Index: yes
Publisher: Flash History Press (owner/author Ann Atkins)
Distributor: Atlas Books

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