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Elisa Kleven's Children's Books: Review: Glasswings


Children’s book author and illustrator Elisa Kleven has touched the lives of thousands of kids and their parents over the past two decades with stunning storytelling accompanied by gorgeous drawings in her more than 30 published books!
Elisa KlevenHer newest title, Glasswings features Claire, a glasswing butterfly whose transparent wings reflect her lush home, finds herself lost in the city after being separated from her family. She doesn’t know how they will ever see her, but she finds new city friends, a pigeon, an ant, and a ladybug, who search for the flowers Claire needs to live. They come upon a tiny urban garden, and as Claire drinks from the flowers’ nectar, she pollinates more flowers. Soon the garden—and Claire’s clear wings—fill with color, allowing her family to recognize her at last. Together they create an oasis for all to enjoy.  Facts about glasswing butterflies and pollination complete this beautiful and educational picture book. Kleven’s latest offering is as colorful and delicate as a butterfly’s wings—a treasure that can be cherished for years.
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Elisa Kleven is the author and/or illustrator of over 30 childrens picture books. Favorites with children and adults alike, Elisa's books have received awards and honors from the American Library Association, The New York Times , The Junior Library Guild, School Library Journal, and the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Her pictures from Abuela are part of a traveling show organized by the Minnesota Children's Museum, and her story The Paper Princess has been adapted for two theater productions, one in Ireland and the other in California. Elisa lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family and pets. To learn more about Elisa and her books, please visit her web

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First and foremost, this books has some amazingly colorful and beautiful illustrations.  A reader can be lost in the pictures alone, finding new and interesting things with every read. But the story is amazing too.  It is about family, making friends, be grateful for being who you are and the wonderful power of nature and pollination.  I really loved this book as a parent and teacher. My children loved the story and we looked on the internet about pollination after reading this book.  We like to further our education when a book brings a topic to our attention.  The kids were completely fascinated by the whole idea of pollination.  As a teacher, I see many new and wonderful lesson plans for this book! I want to thank Kleven for bringing this story to my family.  It will be one we cherish for years to come!  5 stars   

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