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Sesame Street: Another Monster at the End of This Book: An Interactive Adventure (Studio Fun International; ISBN: 978-0794441746; Hardcover $14.99; Ages 3-5)!

In this interactive version of the classic Sesame Street story, Grover tries everything to keep Elmo from turning another page and reaching the monster at the end of the book. With lift-the-flaps, sliders, and pop-up elements that kids will delight in, Another Monster is sure to be a new story time favorite!

2018 National Parenting Product Awards Winner. Tom Brannon’s illustrations are based on original artwork by Mike Smollin.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I adored The Monster at the End of this Book when I was a kid. This book is just as good! I loved it so much. I love how funny, interactive and colorful it is. I feel so much nostalgia reading this newest installment. I urge you to read this to your kid. I really urge you to buy it for your home library so your child can hand it down to their kid someday, just like I did with The Monster at the End of this Book. You will laugh with your child/children and create so many wonderful memories reading this book. It is sure to come their new favorite! 



Star Wars Build Your Own Millennium Falcon (Studio Fun International; ISBN: 978-0794442187; $10.99; Ages 6-8).
Join Han and Chewbacca aboard the fastest bucket of bolts in the galaxy. Packed with amazing puzzles and a Millennium Falcon of your own to build, there are hours of Star Wars fun to be had. Work out complete mazes, code words, and puzzles in the uniquely illustrated, full-color activity book. Then press out the pieces to create your very own mini Millennium Falcon model, perfect for re-creating famous scenes from the Star Wars saga. The model is made from a sturdy foam core. Press out the pieces to build the Millennium Falcon—with no glue required!

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Book and Mega Model by STAR WARS
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Star Wars fans are going to be so excited to read and build with this amazing book and mega model. You will get to hop into the world of the Millennium Falcon and learn everything you need to know through activities, facts and stories. I cannot wait to give this to my son for his birthday and watch him build one of ultimate favorite things! A must for all star wars fans!


 I Am a Wonder Woman by Ellen Bailey (Portable Press; ISBN: 978-1684125487; Paperback $14.99; Ages 9-11; 128 pages) is an entertaining and inspirational look at some of the most influential women in history, from ancient times to the modern day, including lesser known visionaries such as Annie Londonderry and Britta Tott, to household names like the Brontës, Cleopatra, Hellen Keller, J.K. Rowling, and more. Each page is filled with amazing stories about the women who have shaped the world and inspired others to follow in their footsteps. Readers can step into the lives of these pioneers by completing unique activities and answering thought-provoking questions for themselves. Quirky artwork throughout helps bring each woman’s story to life.

I Am a Wonder Woman by Editors Of Portable Press
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This book is so inspiring and important. I adored how creative and entertaining it is. I know that girls and boys alike are going to want to learn all about all the most incredible woman that have ever lived. This book is jam packed with everything you ever wanted to know about the woman who changed the world and paved the way for other amazing woman! This book is designed to keep your mind busy through activities, quizzes, drawing and SO much more. This is perfect for the home or classroom! Such a fantastic book for kids of all ages.


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