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#FirstLine ~ All through the spring, early and late, the thrush sing in the ash tree below the cottage.

When Mattie invites her old friend Tim to stay in one of her family cottages on the edge of Dartmoor, she senses there is something he is not telling her. Having left behind his old life in London in a rush, Tim is unusually quiet, as if he is holding on to a painful secret.

But as he gets to know the rest of the warm jumble of family by the moor, Tim discovers that everyone there has their own secrets. There is Charlotte, a young navy wife struggling to bring up her son while her husband is at sea; William, who guards a dark past he cannot share with the others; and Mattie, who has loved Tim in silence for years.

As Tim begins to open up, Mattie falls deeper in love. And as summer warms the wild Dartmoor landscape, new beginnings take root . . . But can fresh hopes bloom where old secrets are buried?

Marcia Willett
Before begining her career as a novelist Marcia had been an avid reader and had never considered writing. When her writer husband Rodney suggested that she should she laughed and dismissed the idea out of hand. However after months of nagging she agreed, for the sake of peace and quiet, to see what she could do and has never looked back!
Since her first novel Marcia has written numerous novels under her own name as well as a number of short stories. She has also written four books under the pseudonym Willa Marsh.
Success has not been limited to her home country, she is published internationally and has been on the best seller lists in both Germany and Greece.
Marcia is a born storyteller and her books are beautifully written which makes them easy to read. Even though they will challenge the thoughtful as they deal with the eternal problems that face everyone and often call for great strength of character to overcome.
Two of Marcia’s books, ‘A Week In Winter’ and ‘The Childrens Hour’ were both selected by Readers Digest for inclusion in their ‘Of Love And Life’ series and Marcia won the Magnum award for their most popular writer in 2002. Perhaps the title of that series says it all.
Marcia was born in Somerset but spends most of her time in Devon where she currently lives.

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