Wednesday, October 4, 2017

#MMBBR #Review #TheTrueStoryOfTheUglyDuckling by #AditiPatil

With much fanfare an ugly duckling breaks out of her shell only to realize she doesn't quite fit in. Rejected by her family, she is disheartened by her reflection. She starts to believe that she truly is ugly, and doesn't deserve love. What does she do next? How does she embrace herself and the world? This powerful retelling of a classic tells the story of her journey of transformation. Delightfully illustrated, children will love it, and the insightful message will resonate with adults of all ages.

A delightful story about looking beyond the surface and really seeing our own worth.  The story is about really loving ourselves first and then you are free to show love to others.  This story is also about a mother's love for her child.  A great story for children and their parents to read together.  This book will become a new family favorite.


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